Orbs, Blue Meanies, and the Truth

 Orbs,  Blue Meanies, and the Truth

There has been a lot of discussion in the past few years in the UFO community talking about what are called orbs. These small balls of light have been described in different ways, and there are a great many theories as to what they represent.

Some think of orbs as devices that aliens move around in. Some think of them as souls of dead people. Those who are fearful think of them as evil, calling them things like meanies. Then there are those stuck in a materialistic religious belief system that discount orbs as drops of water and dust reflecting the flash of the camera.

I will maintain that this is a relatively new phenomenon. If one goes back in history, they will of course be able to find a reference here or there of a small ball of light which seemed intelligently controlled. My contention would be that the references would be few and far between the farther one goes back into history.

I think history will support me when I contend that the evidence shows clearly that the orb phenomena took off when digital cameras and infrared security monitors came into widespread use. People started showing orbs that were various sizes and colors. As the awareness developed we came to see that smoky patterns were also being photographed with the orbs. This led to photographs that showed clear beams of light coming down from the sky.

This camera correlation, however, does not mean that digital cameras produce orbs. There are many photographs were taken with 35-millimeter film that also produced orbs such as the one wedding photo from 1976 shown below.

Figure 1 

Here from 1976 is a picture taken on 35-milimeter film showing a clear orb, 

exactly like those produced by digital cameras. Photo Janet Dorian

I have hosted whole series of orb panels which were broadcast on my WhiteHouseUFO YouTube channel. These panels consisted of people from around the world who had photographed orbs. Most of them had collections that numbered in the thousands. I made an estimate based upon all the orb books and orb Facebook sites, that there would be in excess of 1,000,000 orb photographs in the world.

Here are a couple of the hundreds of orb photos that were shown during our panel on orbs.

Orb appears to rest on a back porch.
Credit Janet Darling

Here is another taken in Canada.

Orbs around my assistant Desta and myself.

Despite this amount of physical evidence there has been very little if no research done on orbs except for a show on Skinwalker ranch that talked about one orb they had photographed. That orb was an exact copy of thousands of videos of orbs taken around the world.

Orbs, looking south towards US border,
 sitting in the middle of rarely travelled road.

Beam Photo from Skinwalker Ranch
History Channel

Here is a beam photo from Scotland taken by Tress.

Skeptics will jump on this parallel to state that all that is occurring is that the digital cameras are picking up dust which reflects the digital flash and produces an orb. This paper is not intended to validate the paranormal characteristics of orbs taken in digital photos, but I will briefly mention a couple of points that indicate dust does not explain orb photographs.

·         Digital cameras have a larger view outside the visible spectrum and therefore is viable to argue that orbs, not seen by the human eye, are outside the visible spectrum and detectable by digital cameras.

·         Many people who take orb photographs have many examples of pictures where in one frame there are no orbs and in the next frame taken less than a second later the photo is completely filled with orbs. The dust theory would be required to prove how so much dust was able to suddenly be present less than a second later.

·         Once the orb photographs started to become public, people went back to look at old photos taken on 35-millimeter film. Although orbs were rare, there are a whole series a photos taken prior to digital that exhibit exactly the same orbs.

·         Lastly, the orbs that are seen on digital photos come in all sizes and colors. If they were simply dust common sense would say that they should all be the same size, and most importantly color. Here is one taken by Derrell Stokes which was part of an event where people were posing for orb pictures.

My first encounter with orbs occurred in 1976 long before the invention of digital photography. It was the year after I had had my first sighting of Charlie Redstar. This is a photo of the large object that was appearing in 1975. In 1976 the orb ground lights started to appear.

I had never heard of orbs, and I can clearly maintain that the word was not in the UFO community lexicon. We in fact called them ground lights. I wrote about them at length in my book Tales of Charlie Red Star.

The sightings that surrounded the story of Charlie Red Star occurred in and around the town of Carman Manitoba Canada. I first saw Charlie Red Star in the middle of May 1975 and spent a great deal of time in the community after that talking to people and collecting stories. No one that I can recall mentioned an orb. I did, however, hear an interesting story about monitors.

My investigation of orbs shows the Canadian government was actually aware of these objects back in the 1950s already.

While I was trying to figure out what we were seeing on the ground in 1976, I had a chance to talk to the chief metallurgist, AWL Bridge, working for Wilbert Smith who ran the Canadian government flying saucer investigation.

When I told him what we were seeing on the ground he said “Oh, you mean monitors?” I had no idea what he was talking about so I played along.

He told me that day had small balls of light back in the 1950s. He said they were called monitors because they appeared to monitor meetings that were going on at the Smith house. He referenced one object that had been seen in the ditch as the group was coming out of the house. As soon as they appeared, it turned off its light or disappeared. I recall reading a story where Wilbert Smith had actually written about this incident.

Orbs, or what we called ground lights, began in the spring of 1976. A friend of mine had brought his camera equipment to film any large craft like Charlie Red Star that were flying around. We were on the road that ran around the town of Sperling Manitoba just after sunset waiting for something to appear and be caught on the advanced 35-millimeter camera that was present on that night.

As the sunset nothing of any significance appeared in the sky. The ground was a different story. As it became dark, I noticed that there were orange lights SE of our position. They appear to look like firm lights which are single lights which most farms had. They would consist of one light near the road coming into the farm that would be 18 feet off the ground like a streetlight.

These lights appeared the same except they were orange. When I say orange, I mean as orange as an orange. I asked my friend what he thought they were. He had no idea.

I knew that they were different from what we had seen over the past year. They stood out very clearly as orange lights spread out over the horizon. My memory fails me as to how many there were, but I would guess about 12 when we first witness them.

As nothing was appearing in the sky, we had nothing better to do then to go and check out what these strange orange lights were. My friend packed up his camera equipment. We jumped in the car and took a side Rd the wet off into the southeast where the lights were.

In our trip we passed winter cold mile roads. Traveling E every mile we would cross a mile Rd running straight north-south towards EU S border. we passed the first mile road, looked down it and saw nothing.

We came to the second mile road, and as we look down it, we saw a large orange light sitting in the middle of the road. We were stunned. This was the only time the light would be orange.

We turned down the road, then turned off the car lights and slowly moved down the road. This was a road there was rarely traveled on. My guess would be at that time in 1976, it would be lucky if a dozen cars a day travel down the section of the road we were on.

It is hard to determine size at night because there's no frame of reference. My guess would have been that the object was a couple of feet across and a mile down the road. It was extremely bright.

We traveled down the half mile where we thought it would be sitting, and when we got to that spot the orange light was sitting in front of us 1/4 mile down the road. This made no sense, and we knew it.

We drove another half mile down the road and came to a mile road running east West. It was the site of the town dump. A small fire was burning at the dump. the flames had an orange color to them, and might have been an explanation, except that in front of us the orange light was sitting, and it appeared to be 1/4 mile down the road.

This light stayed in front of us for eight miles. the whole time it appeared to be 1/4 mile down the road. At this point on the north-south mile road to the US border there was a small wooden bridge which crossed over a drainage ditch. It was the beginning of April. The snow is melting add a ditch was full of water. There was a small depth of water all over the fields as well and it looked like we were on a road that was running through a lake.

The orange object was now sitting on the bridge, and it was very clear how far was away and how big it was. As we looked around, we could see orange lights all around us. They appeared to be over the water in the fields, and they gave the appearance of double orange lights. After watching them for a period of time, it became apparent that they were just sitting over the water and the reflection in the water was giving this double appearance of two orange lights one on top of the other.

My friend and I drove up onto the bridge where the light was sitting, only to find that there was nothing on the bridge, and that there was no longer a light on the road in front of us. That clearly meant to us that the object was now under the bridge.

We got out of the car and tried to look under the bridge. This effort was Hanford by the fact that the water was almost up to the level of the bridge, and there was snow along the edges of the waterway that prevented us from getting a good look under the bridge.

We got back in the car and drove South farther down the road looking for a place to turn around. As you look back, we could see that the orange light which now back on the bridge which we had just left. Now driving north, we returned to the bridge only to discover that nothing was on the bridge and there was nothing down the road where we had once been.

When's again we got out of the car and tried to look under the bridge. We were now more convinced than ever that whatever the object was, it had turned off its light, and was hiding under the bridge. Once again, we tried without success to explore under the bridge.

We got back in the car and drove north away from the bridge. It was time to head home. About 1/4 of a mile down the road I looked back to see that the small orange object where's the gain sitting on the bridge.

I told my friend that the object was back and that we should return to the bridge, but this time we should walk instead of driving the car. He agreed. We started walking back towards the bridge. My friend was holding a set of binoculars, and I held an 8-millimeter movie camera.

Knowing that there was a good chance the object would once again take off I set up a process where I walked 7 steps, took three seconds of film, walk seven steps, took three seconds of film etc.

As moved towards the bridge the object did not take off. We got closer and closer till we were maybe 50-70 feet away from the object. I was absolutely shocked that we were able to get this close.

I felt like the doubting Thomas who needed to feel the wounds of Jesus to believe that he had risen from the dead. I knew that I must touch this object before it took off a third time.

There had been a UFO accident in 1967 at Falcon Lake, Manitoba which was close to where I lived. There a prospector had touched a craft that had landed. He ended up being badly burned and this burn followed him his whole life.

Therefore, knowing that I might be badly burned, I asked my friend to hold the 8-millimeter movie camera. I whispered that I was going to jump on it. It was close enough then I figured by the time it saw me coming, and it made its escape, I would be able to reach out and touch it before it left.

Here is a frame pulled from the 8mm film at the closest point before we were distracted.


In reply to my request to hold the camera my friend told me that he thought one of the objects was now sitting on top of the car. I asked him if I could see any handed me the binoculars.

Looking through the binoculars back at the car I could clearly see what looked like the sun rising in the north. There was a semicircle of orange light on top of the car, and orange smoke running down the sides of the car. I yelled out that it was on top of the car, and I started to run towards the car.

I had only taken a couple of steps when it occurred to me what might be happening. I looked back at the bridge and the object was gone. I had been fooled.

Now committed to the object that was sitting on the car a continued to run. The orange object moved onto the back of the car. I could see it through the front and back window. It made it appear like the inside of the car was on fire as well.

As I got to the car, I realized that the object was now gone. It had probably move down behind the car. We couldn't see it as it entered the water which was right up to the edge of the road.

We got to the car but neither of us new what to do next. I put my hand on top of the car to see if it was hot. It was not. That was the end of my investigation. I could think of nothing else to do. Later my friend told me that his investigation involved checking inside the car to make sure the keys are still there. He had left them in the ignition. They were still there.

Looking back at the bridge, I'm surprised to see did the orange light was back. It was gained sitting at the bridge, and probably laughing its *** off about what had just happened.

I told my friend that we should return to the bridge. I told him again that I wanted to jump on it. We could do what we had done before and walk.

He did not want to go. No matter how much I pushed he resisted any attempt to return to the bridge where the object was sitting. As he owned the car I was forced to give up and go home with him.

Years later I would run into him at a library in downtown Winnipeg. He asked me if I was still investigating UFO's and I said yes. In reply to that he stated, “you always were the gullible type.”

I rarely lose my temper when people tell me they don't believe in UFOs. I realized that they have not had an encounter and therefore must hang on to a belief system like an old man hanging onto a belief in life after death. People who see the object can no longer be believers. They become no knowers. They know what they have seen

This situation was different. My friend had been with me. He had seen what we had seen. He had been so rattled that he did not want to return to the bridge. I was furious.

I stated, “I'm gullible? You were the one that was with me at the bridge. You know what we saw. You were so scared and you were the one that wanted to go home. You know damn well what we saw.”

As I spoke. he moved away from me like he suddenly realized I had COVID. He said nothing and just walked away.

The experience at the bridge was the first of five encounters that I recall where I was within 100 meters of a UFO. A recent study by do U.S. government claims that people have been injured within this 100 meter area. I have my disbelief about such a claim as I have been inside that area five times and as far as I  am aware 46 years later I have suffered no ill effects.

This would lead to months of work trying to get close again and to photograph the phenomenon.

Coming Soon: Part 2

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