Saturday, January 23, 2016

Possibly Important UFO Development

​In a couple recent interviews I was mentioning that those in power may be doing things behind the scenes to get out information. I gave examples of Jimmy Carter sending his Press Secretary to the FBI to find out how they handled UFOs, sending his Science Advisor to Nasa to start a new Blue Book style investigation, and pressuring many agencies to cooperate with FOIA requests for UFO documents.
 Barack Obama and John Podesta

Now, as Obama is leaving office, and one of his main advisers is an open proponent for UFO disclosure we have articles coming out from the CIA on "flying saucer" investigation and "X-files"???? Not bad for an agency that is not involved or interested.

As the CIA works for the President, maybe we need to thank Obama and Podesta for this as this administration winds down. The CIA would not make such a bold move without the green light from the White House as the President is ultimately responsible for what the CIA says.

This same pattern happened at the end of the Reagan administration where UFO information was leaked in a TV show called "UFO Cover-up Live."

This show can be viewed at ​

The two articles just released by the CIA are,

"Take a peek into Our X-files" which is timely with the return of the X-files series on TV January 24 and a new X-files movie upcoming.

The other article is titled "How to Investigate a Flying Saucer."This is significant because they use the word flying saucer instead of the term UFO created by the USAF in 1952. It is a small change but implies objects instead of unknowns. It is similar to the important change in Hillary Clinton's UFO comment that I think we may have been visited already by aliens. She uses the actual word alien and says they may already be here which counters the main scientific objective that there may be ET life out there somewhere, but it can't get here because of the rules 17th century Newtonian physics.

The CIA has not released anything on its website about UFO since 1997 when Clinton's CIA Director James Woolsey ordered a review of the CIA's role in UFO investigations. This new development of posting positive UFO articles in my opinion is an action approved by President Barack Obama.

Grant Cameron


  1. Everybody has either seen one or knows someone who has. Multiple sightings are common. No investigation, no nothing. Why? People are following a historical pattern of following authority. This is running up directly into the question of survival as "authority" worldwide is centrally controlled, and out of control. Excesses of every kind abound. War, environmental destruction, water table destruction, biological systems compromised, the living web of Life sickened, interfered with, because humanity has not made the mental leap to a global way of moral thinking, and is saddled by "followership" issues.
    Paradise is a handsbreath away and we cannot see it. I suspect we shall be totally enslaved by an alien race before we begin to look around and admit the possibility of their existence.