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The Missing Hillary Clinton UFO Documents

The world of UFOs is a world of conspiracy beliefs. It is a world where there is a belief in a  massive effort by governments and/or secret governments within governments to conceal the true UFO story from the public that pays the bills.

There is some truth to the conspiratorial stories. Despite the fact that various governments around the world have released UFO documents into the public domain, none has released the real stuff. No government has released declassified Top Secret documents on the subject. What they have released are simply confidential or non-classified UFO sighting reports. The reports analysing these reports are missing.

The government counter to this accusation is that there are no Top Secret UFO documents. All there is are UFO sighting reports that have been made public. There is no cover-up, and therefore no secret unreleased documents. The government claims it discounted the UFO phenomena long ago as a threat to national security and moved on to other more important pursuits.

This government position is hard to counter, because it may be right. There may be no Top Secret documents. The only way to prove a cover-up is to uncover the Top Secret files and prove that the government argument is a lie. No one has been able to do this except for one key Top Secret document produced by the Canadian government in November 1950 in which they report being told by American officials that flying saucers existed and that it was the most highly classified subject in the Unites States.

There is one key exception to this inability of the conspiracy theorist to produce the government missing UFO documents and that is the subject of this paper.
These are the 1,000 pages of UFO documents missing from the Clinton Library

In 2000 I filed a Freedom of Information Request with the Office of Science and Technology Policy inside the Clinton White House asking for all their UFO files. I had been alerted through an earlier FOIA by navy physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee that there were at least 500 pages.

I quickly filed and in early 2001 I was awarded with a letter from the FOIA officer that I would be receiving almost 1000 pages of documents. The documents detailed an effort by billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller to get UFO disclosure from the Clinton White House. The effort ran from 1993 when Clinton took office until 1996 when the Rockefeller effort stalled and then ended.

These documents became known as the Rockefeller Initiative documents. They have been the subject of many articles and a key part of the platform for ET lobbyist Stephen Bassett in his efforts to get government disclosure on the issue.

In 2006 the Clinton library started to process the documents from the Clinton White House. Knowing that the process began exactly five years after Clinton left office I was ready to file on day 1. I started to file FOIAs with the Clinton Library for UFO files basing my request on the events and names in the 2001 documents.

As the requests were processed I realized that none of the documents from the Rockefeller Initiative were part of the replies I was getting. This led me to file an FOIA in 2008 for the 1,000 pages I had received from the Clinton OSTP department in 2001. I provided them with the index for the documents. This index included number of pages, document titles, and dates.

The answer came back that they did not exist. I was told that they might be at the National Archives so I filed an FOIA there and was told they did not have them either. I filed an appeal and lost.
In 2015 I contacted Dana Simmons, Supervisory Archivist at the Clinton library to clarify the missing document situation. She wrote back,

The case where you requested the list of specific documents is 2008-1575-F.  In our initial search we were unable to locate most of the specific documents.  The initial search letter was sent to you on 10/8/2008.  This case was released in 2012 and we notified you of that release on 7/23/12. We were only able to locate 42 pages because they did not show up as a specific hit in our electronic searches… We control the majority of our records at the folder level.  Therefore, it is possible the remainder of these documents do reside in our collection within a folder.  However, if the names of the individuals were not listed on a folder title or they were not one of the documents listed in our databases then it is impossible to find them during an initial search. [i]

Simmons suggested that the documents I was seeking might be in an FOIA 2008-1524-F that had just been released to me on records from the OSTP. This FOIA contained only 597 pages and it was very clear from the description provided by the Clinton Library that there would not be 1,000 pages of UFO documents in the FOIA release. The description of the files was as follows,

The records are composed of agendas, articles, books, briefing papers, slides, and books, conference transcripts, drafts, executive orders, information packets, legislation, letters, plans, memos, minutes, reports, scholarly papers, Statements of Administration Policy, spreadsheets, talking points, and testimony. Topics covered include accomplishments, administrative issues, air bags, automatic external, defibrillators, budget issues, cancer research, cancer panels, food safety, human cloning, missile defense, national security, organ donation and transplantation, research and development, satellite systems, technology, telecommunications, and tobacco.[ii]

The most important aspect of these missing documents is that the Rockefeller Initiative collection includes the now infamous Hillary Clinton UFO documents. The documents show;

All the correspondence from Laurence Rockefeller and the office of Clinton’s science advisor and all the correspondence going the other way was going through Hillary’s first lady’s office.

2. The second document shows that Hillary helped edit a letter on UFO disclosure to the President titled, “Lifting Secrecy on Extraterrestrial Intelligence as part of the current classification review.”[iii]

So what happened to the Rockefeller UFO Initiative documents? Does this example show that there may be many more missing documents on all sorts of subjects? My guess would be that it is more probably a bureaucratic mix-up than an effort to destroy documents. Perhaps that UFO community should provide a copy of the documents to the library to complete the history of the Clinton administration on this subject.

There are a few Hillary Clinton stories among the 72 short stories about Presidents, consciousness research, and other UFO topics in my latest book "Alien Bedtime Stories."

[i] E-mail from Dana Simmons to Grant Cameron, October 28, 2015.
[ii] Inventory for FOIA Request 2008-1524-F, Records of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, 1993-2001, Clinton Presidential Library.
[iii] The classification review became Executive Order 12958 -

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  1. I wonder if the UFO briefing I provided to John Gibbons is part of the missing documents.