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Podesta, Open Government, and the Assassination of President Kennedy

If I put you over there in justice I want to you to find the answer to two questions for me: One, who killed JFK? And two, are there UFOs?  Deputy Attorney General Webster Hubbell speaking in his book “Friends in High Places” about a request from President Clinton. 

John Podesta has always been a vocal proponent of open government. This had led his to take such stands in public as the release of any withheld government UFO files, because it is a good idea and because “it’s the law.”

Clinton and his Chief of Staff John Podesta
In a 1998 lecture to the 4th Annual Intelligence Committee Information and Classification  Management Conference[1] Podesta talked about the role of openness of information in government. “The task in which you are engaged,” said Podesta, “is at the core of what George Washington called America's ‘great experiment.’ Our nation was founded on a principle that was revolutionary then, and too often seems revolutionary today: that government depends for its legitimacy on the trust of the governed; that all citizens have the right to a say in the decisions made in their name; that, as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis memorably said, ‘Sunlight is the best of disinfectants.’ The concept of checks and balances was not limited to the design of the legislature; it was integral to the very design of our constitutional system. And when trust declines, the work of government can grind to a halt.”

It was this commitment to open government that inspired Podesta to help Bill Clinton draft a 1995 Executive Order (EO) of Secrecy which tried to force our classified files, like UFO files, being held back by federal agencies. The EO was successful in moving 800 million pages of files into the public domain, but none of them were UFO related.

The strong belief in open government also inspired Podesta to announce on Clinton’s behalf the rejection of appeals made to President Clinton the day before the end of his final term. The appeals rejected were those of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and the Secret Service. Both groups were attempting to block the release of "assassination records" related to the death of former President John Kennedy.

This would turn out to be a key move, as “who killed JFK” was a question, along with “are there UFOs” that was tasked to Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, and former Rose law partner with Hillary Clinton,  shortly after Clinton was elected in 1992.[2]
Webster Hubbell and Clinton Golfing

When the assassination files were finally released there were 7,663 pages that never would have seen the light of day without the Podesta move on the last day of the Clinton administration. I wrote about the document release shortly after the completed FOIA was announced.

After six and one half years of waiting, the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas has just released 7,663 pages of files on the assassination of former President John Kennedy in 1963. The files are being released in reply to an FOIA filed in February 2006. The Clinton Library is in charge of releasing the files of the Clinton administration to the public.

I became aware of this file release on the same day as the release of the ‘perversion files’ released by the Boy Scouts of America. For this reason the Clinton release will probably not get much attention. The release of the sexually related criminal activity in Boy Scout files is exactly what every news media executive is always waiting for. Reporters will be tripping over each other getting to the grimy details.

Despite the probable lack of attention by the mainstream media, the release of these files should be big news inside the UFO community. This is because, unless a researcher has been asleep for the last 20 years, he or she knows that President Clinton gave orders to his friend Webster Hubbell to get the facts related to two great mysteries – UFOs and the Kennedy assassination.


One of the great stories in presidential history is the story of Bill Clinton and his perceived fateful connection with President John Kennedy.

Clinton was not afraid to display the seeming connection. Once in the White House Clinton employed the Kennedy connection playing video clips of Kennedy on a huge screen at a musical extravaganza the night before his inauguration. This was followed by a well-publicized visit to Kennedy’s grave during his first days in Washington. He made a clear reference tying himself to Kennedy in his first State of the Union address as two presidents leading a “great national march.”
Reporters even made reference to the many gifts they shared such as youth and energy, and the one negative thing they shared – the better-left-unlearned lessons that both had to womanize and think they could get away with it.

Even when it came to UFOs Clinton would draw a connection to President Kennedy. Dr. Steven Greer, who headed up the Disclosure Project, had many contacts inside the Clinton administration and was trying to get the Clinton administration to disclose the truth about UFOs. One day, in 1994, a friend of Bill (FOB) came to him and said although the President and others agreed that the truth should come out, Greer would have to do it on his own. “I won’t do it,” Clinton told the FOB,” because I’ll end up like Jack Kennedy.”

The Clinton fascination for Kennedy started early and was set in concrete in July 1963 when the 16 year old Bill Clinton travelled to Washington D.C as part of a Boys Nation retreat. Part of the five day event involved attending a White House ceremony with the President. Before leaving Bill promised his mother that he would come home with a picture with the President. Once there the future president worked his way to the front row of seats in the Rose Garden.

Bill got into the right spot once Kennedy had finished speaking; he jumped up and reached out to shake President Kennedy’s hand. Then, as if fated by history, the White House photographer was ready and captured the handshake between the President and future President. As he arrived home clutching his picture for his mother she would later comment to others, “I knew right then that politics was the answer for him.”

It was a picture that would change Clinton's life and tie him directly to Kennedy. Kennedy would be
The famous Clinton Kennedy handshake picture that Bill Clinton
promised his mother he would get while in Washington.
assassinated only a couple months after the picture was taken and high school senior Clinton suddenly became one of the few in the Hot Springs, Arkansas area to ever have met Kennedy. The teenage Clinton became a sought after speaker in all the Kiwanis, Rotary, and other clubs in town talking about Kennedy and politics.

Later, as President, Clinton would give a speech to the Boys Nation (which because of evolution in thought had become the Boys and Girls Nation) high school students who had travelled to Washington in 1996. In that speech Clinton would include his own version of an alien invasion that could unify the world. This alien invasion Oneness reference was made famous by Ronald Reagan who used variations of it at least a half speeches while president.

Clinton’s version given to the Boys and Girls Club stated,

Very interesting, don't you think, that this movie, Independence Day, is becoming the most successful movie ever? Some say it's because they blew up the White House and the Congress ‑‑ (laughter) ‑‑ and that may be. But, you know, you see story after story after story about how the movie audiences leap up and cheer at the end of the movie when we vanquish the alien invaders, right? I mean, what happened? The country was flat on its back, the rest of the world was threatened, and you see all over the world all these people have all of a sudden put aside the differences that seem so trivial once their existence was threatened, and they're working together all over the world to defeat a common adversary.[3]

With Clinton's Kennedy fascination and his instruction to Hubbell to find out who killed Kennedy, it should come as no surprise that there are so many pages on the Kennedy assassination collected by the Clinton administration thirty years after the event.

Although it is not yet known what is in the files, it is interesting to note that there were “1,152 pages that were restricted in whole or in part.” Of these 951 pages were withheld for a P1 exemption which consists of “National Security Classified Information.”

Once researchers have had a chance to go through all the files, we will have a better understanding if Clinton got an answer to who killed his boyhood hero President John F. Kennedy, or if as Clinton stated to an audience in Hong Kong in 2005, “I wouldn't be the first American president that underlings have lied to, or that career bureaucrats have waited out..."[4]

[2] Hubbell described this conversation with Clinton in his 1997 book “Friends in High Places.”
[3] Clinton, Bill, Remarks by the President at Ceremony for Boys and Girls Nation, Office of the Press Secretary, July 18, 1996.

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