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Clinton, UFOs, and the Single Bullet Theory

As Time Magazine and other in the “established media” reported in April 2014 former President Bill Clinton had been on the Jimmy Kimmel show and talked about his efforts to look into the UFO phenomena when he became president.
Not surprisingly, Clinton added really nothing to the many statements he has made in the past.
What he did say is that he did look in to the subject which raised a cheer from the believers saying “I told you so.” It also, however, provided hardline UFO skeptics to claim Clinton’s latest statements show conclusively that there are no ETs and the government knows nothing.
The real truth of the matter may be as simple as the statement made in the undisputed Canadian Top Secret memo where it is stated that when they asked the Americas about flying saucers, through discrete enquiries made through the Canadian Embassy in Washington in November 1950, they were told 1) Flying saucers exist 2) It is the most highly classified subject in the United States.
This documented fact would tend to indicate that Clinton would and could never violate his security clearance to say anything significant on the subject. It seems like a no-brainer. To add to this take years later, in a rumored conversation between then CIA Director George Bush and President-elect Jimmy Carter, Bush said ”Curiosity is not sufficient need to know.”
It has been known since the time Clinton was in office that he was interested. In one story attributed to Ron Pandolfi, the top scientist in the CIA who was tasked with the UFO briefing for President Clinton’s Science Director Dr. Jack Gibbons, Pandolfi reported through a friend of his,
It was known among the high CIA people, and the people who had contact with these people (Clintons) that they were on the prowl for UFOs. He (Bill) had been asking anyone who would listen to him, to tell him the secret. You know, he would get some Admiral in there, and say “By the way, tell me the UFO secret.” They would just look at him like “What planet are you from?”
Later, Roswell movie producer, Paul Davids, who father taught Clinton at Georgetown University, had the opportunity to sit with Clinton for a few minutes at an event when Hillary was running for president. He gave Clinton a copy of a Roswell book that had just been written by Don Schmitt and Tom Carey. After viewing the cover Clinton said he would read it right away as he was ‘fascinated” with the UFO subject.
What is less known than Clinton’s love for UFO stories is the fact that he was fascinated with President John F. Kennedy. This fascination was fueled when as a teenager he told his mother that he would get a picture with the President for her on his trip to Boys Nation gathering in Washington DC, and then got it.
The story is completed by Webster Hubbell, who had worked at the Rose Law firm in Little Rock with Hillary, and was a close friend of Bill’s. According to Hubbell’s 1997 book “Friend in High Places,”
Clinton had said, ‘”If I put you over at Justice, I want you to find the answers to two questions for me. One, who killed JFK? And two, are there UFOs?” Clinton was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn’t satisfied with the answers I was getting.
Knowing that Clinton looked into UFOs, it seemed highly likely that he probably looked into the JFK assassination. Based on a statement made by Steven Greer it seemed apparent that Clinton did not go along with the single bullet theory.
Greer tells of his encounters with a FOB (friend of Bill) that took Greer’s disclosure briefing materials to President Clinton in 1993. Greer reported that the friend came to his house and said “The president would like to do what you ask, but is afraid that if he does he will end up like Jack Kennedy.”
Bill Clinton, as a teenager, fulfilled a promise to his mother to
get a picture with his idol President John Kennedy.
Therefore when I filed my UFO FOIAs with the Clinton library I also filed for all files on the JFK assassination. Years later when the files were finally processed the Clinton Library announced that they had  over 7,000 pages on the Kennedy assassination. Many of the files however were either partly of fully  withheld.
Now in the last month the P5 Exemptions have been released after a 12 year exemption under law. (Exemption for material between President and advisors or among advisors – the idea being that if this advice to the president is not held confidentially no one will be honest with the president.)
It is good to see that some material has opened up. One file still being held VERY TIGHLY (that I even appealed and lost) was a film that was taken at the 50th birthday of John Podesta, chief of staff and the obsessed UFO/x-files man in the Clinton White House. Bill and Hillary appear at the birthday party dressed like the famous X-files character Scully and Mulder.

In July the Clinton library released all the paperwork related to the party which would probably be birthday wishes from various people and the record of who was at the White House party. I contacted the archivist to ask if this meant the photos were now public. I was reminded that my request and appeal for the video and photos were denied and the situation had not changed.
I am sure no one will see these Podesta birthday pictures and film until after Hillary makes her run for President in 2016, and if she wins it may never be seen again.

This alas is the world of politics.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Fantasy Tales of the Left Brain

“What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere.” ―Roger Wolcott Sperry who won the Nobel Prize for his work on the dual brain.

It is a very common position among UFO researchers that research should precede with intelligence,
analysis, knowledge, comprehension, three-dimensional thinking, judgment, reasoning, and the five senses of reason. All the attributes listed are attributes of the ego dominated left brain. This research position has rarely if ever been challenged, despite the fact that it has failed to produce any answers.

On the face of it the notion seems like a reasonable method to solving the UFO riddle, but left brain research into new ideas has a serious drawback. The drawback has to do with the left brain’s ability and tendency to weave together stories to fill in gaps when there is an unknown or the data does not support the thinkers strongly held paradigm. In other words the left brain has a built in ability and tendency to bullshit. Researchers using a strictly left brain approach become victims of the biology of their left brain.

The work on the different attributes and drawbacks between the left and right brain are fairly well established by Dr. Roger Sperry who pioneered the “two brains in the brain” theory and was awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1981.

The best description of the differences in the two hemispheres may have been provided by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor who was a Harvard trained neuroanatomist, the youngest board member ever elected to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the driving force behind the Harvard Brain Bank, and named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2008.

The advantage of Dr. Taylor opinion of the left right brain issue is that in 1996 she experienced a left brain hemorrhage that after four hours had completely shut down her left brain and cast her into the world of the right brain where she remained for five weeks before the left brain began to come back on line. Taylor is therefore talking about the issue not as a second hand doctor listening to others or trying to interpret brain functions based on experiments with rats in a laboratory. Taylor was an experiencer who carefully documented her experience in a book called “My Stroke of Insight” after she had recovered.

In speaking of her insights into the left brain she wrote,

One of the most prominent characteristics of our left brain is its ability to weave stories. This story-teller portion of our left mind’s language center is specifically designed to make sense of the world outside of us, based upon minimal amounts of information. It functions by taking whatever details it has to work with, then weaves them together in the form of a story. Most impressively, our left brain is brilliant in its ability to make stuff up, and fill in the blanks when there are gaps in its factual data. In addition, during its process of generating a story line, our left brain is quite the genius in its ability to manufacture alternate scenarios. And if it is a subject you really feel passionate about, either good or awful, it’s particularly effective at hooking into those circuits of emotion and exhausting all the “what if” possibilities.

As my left brain language centers recovered and became functional again, I spent a lot of time observing how my story-teller would draw conclusions based upon minimal information. For the longest time I found these antics of my story-teller to be rather comical. At least I realized that my left brain full-heartedly expected the rest of my brain to believe the stories it was making up…I need to remember, however, that there are enormous gaps between what I know and what I think I know. I learned that I have to be very wary of my story-teller’s potential for stirring up drama and trauma.[1]

This first hand expert testimony is backed up by other researchers who have done work with split brain patients where the connection between the left and right brain has been cut to treat epilepsy. Michael Gazzaniga, a cognitive neuroscientist and the author of Who's in Charge? has identified the story teller in the left brain described by Taylor from her firsthand experience. Gazzaniga called the storyteller 'the Interpreter,' and stated that it is a very powerful force in the human condition. According to Gazzaniga the interpreter jumps in to make sense of memories, when it has no direct access to those memories or the context in which they were made. It does this to create coherence.

The Taylor also spoke of the right brain where she had weeks to experience without any input from the left brain,

The right brain is open to new possibilities and thinks out of the box. It is not limited by the rules and regulations established by my left brain that created that box. Consequently, my right brain is highly creative in its willingness to try something new. It appreciates that chaos is the first step in the creative process. It is kinesthetic, agile, and loves my body’s ability to move fluidly into the world…it understands that we are all connected to one another in an integrate fabric of the cosmos, and it enthusiastically marches to the beat of its own drum.[2]

The left brain approach to research has led to an unchanging left brain paradigm of separation and individuality as opposed to Oneness. The left brain believes in a world where nothing beyond the random physical world exists. It is a world of the conscious mind as opposed to the unconscious mind. It is argumentative, needs to be right and is unchanging. Therefore when faced with a new paradigm such as UFOs,  the left brain begins to do what it does very well; create stories to fill the gaps and maintain the paradigm of a random physical universe.

·         In the UFO field left brainers at the CIA advanced theories such as the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes explain the UFOs of the 1950s and 1960s. “They weren’t UFOs: They were us and our spy planes.” This is simply the left brain story weaving. There is absolutely no evidence to support the idea but the left brain has to fill in the blanks.

·         There have been many reports that were written off by government officials claiming a UFO sighting was swamp gas, a plane, or a weather balloon.

·         Look at the stories that surround the great Roswell UFO crash of 1947. It was identified as a weather balloon with no evidence to back it up. Then it became a Mogel balloon flight launched in secret to monitor possible Soviet nuclear tests. It really didn’t matter that there was no flight on the day the story says it was launched. When President Clinton challenged the Air Force  to explain the reports of the alien body reports that were circulating by Roswell witnesses, the Air Force investigators came up with the story that six-foot wooden dummies dressed in Air Force uniforms in 1953 were the cause for 1947 Roswell witnesses reporting they saw four foot gray aliens.

·         Skeptical investigators in the Rendlesham UFO case, where numerous UFOs were being sighted in the sky and on the ground, came up with the explanation that witnesses must have been watching a near-by lighthouse.

·         In 1952 numerous overflights witnessed by eye and by radar over the White House were explainable by a weather inversion.

·         Left brained rational skeptics like Carl Sagan, Donald Menzel, Michael Shermer, Phil Klass, and James Oberg have been very vocal in providing alternate storylines for UFO sightings, and making the point that the evidence fails to match up with evidence required by rational thinking scientists.

These examples are not surprising as they either involve government officials who are protecting classified material or don’t want to put the government into a position where they will be forced to spend billions of dollars on a mystery where others such as the Russians and Chinese will simply sit back and gather what is learned to add to their classified investigations into the phenomena, or the explanations were put out by left brained skeptics who were prepared to fill every gap in their materialistic view of the world challenged by paranormal reports. As a scientist and vice-president of Hewlett-Packard commented to Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ after he saw a paper they had written on remote viewing in the IEEE, “This is the kind of thing I wouldn’t believe, even if were true!”[3]

What is a mystery is the number of researchers and UFO groups that approach the UFO mystery in a strictly left brain approach and end up falling into the trap of the left brain which operates on what Taylor described as “minimal amounts of information” and “functions by taking whatever details it has to work with, then weaves them together in the form of a story. Most impressively, our left brain is brilliant in its ability to make stuff up.” Consider these examples keeping in mind that the USAF UFO investigation called Project Blue Book had 22% of all cases it investigated as unknowns.

·         UFO skeptic Michael Shermer highlighted the problem in an article on UFOs he did in Scientific America. He stated speaking of the book put out by UFO researcher Leslie Kean, “According to Kean, ‘roughly 90 to 95 percent of UFO sightings can be explained’ as ‘weather balloons, flares, sky lanterns, planes flying in formation, secret military aircraft, birds reflecting the sun, planes reflecting the sun, blimps, helicopters, the planet Venus or Mars, meteors or meteorites, space junk, satellites, sundogs, ball lightning, ice crystals, reflected light off clouds, lights on the ground or lights reflected on a cockpit window,” and more. So the entire extraterrestrial hypothesis is based on the residue of data after the above list has been exhausted. What’s left? Not much.”

Like many researchers, Kean approaches the UFO mystery with a left brain approach to investigation. She invites researchers to approach the evidence “from the perspective of an agnostic – objectively, with an open and truly skeptical mind.”[4]  The approach is scientific in hopes that science will take note and start to take the subject seriously, even though only 4% of scientists in the National Academy of Sciences believe in any paranormal phenomena. It is hoped that when hard line left brained scientists admit they were wrong UFO research will no longer be the Rodney Dangerfield of subjects. The left brain however uses this desire to fit in, with the left brain world which garners the respect in the modern world, to its advantage.  Needing to be skeptical Kean arrived at a figure where up to 95% are explained as something other than paranormal. (This is 4x as skeptical as the official government report). The 95% figure is totally unsupported by anything more than guessing at what each sighting is. The whole process becomes the left brain storytelling to fill in the gaps in knowledge, or as Taylor described it, “to make sense of the world outside of us, based upon minimal amounts of information; it (left brain) functions by taking whatever details it has to work with, then weaves them together in the form of a story.” Kean is not the only researcher that uses this very conservative high number for sightings that can be explained as prosaic.

·         Another example is UFO reporting segments run on many of the UFO podcasts. People like to hear about sightings so in many cases there are a few minutes set up at the beginning of the show to talk about the latest UFO sightings. Because these hosts want to be accepted by the left brain skeptical scientists who have no intention of even listening to the evidence, they portray their approach as using intelligence, analysis, knowledge, comprehension, three-dimensional

thinking, judgment, reasoning, and the five senses of reason. By using this approach their left brain feels that it has to fill in the gaps and makes up stories that do great damage. Podcasters will say without even doing an investigation “that sounds like a Chinese lantern to me” or some other off the cuff thought. The witness is left to feel like an idiot for reporting it.

This attribute of the left brain leads to some interesting new observations.

·         When it comes to the reports made by UFO witnesses, people reporting ghost or mystical experiences, psychics, energy/faith healers the general rule has been that there will be a lot of deception and that such reports should therefore be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. The evidence seems to point to the fact that the person investigating the case of sighting is much more likely to “make stuff up, and fill in the blanks when there are gaps in its factual data.” It is the investigator and not the witness that must be watched carefully due to this biological left brain deficiency.

·         When skeptics attach UFO cases explaining them as some bizarre explanation that makes no sense, we can now observe that this is part of the process. They are simply the victim of the left brain that has storytelling as part of the process of rationalization and analysis.

·         In many cases UFO podcasters have become the death knell of the UFO sighting report. The number one reason people don’t report UFO sightings is not because they think the government will come after them, or that the media will not cover it. The reason they don’t report is that they fear ridicule from people they know are just guessing or being skeptical and know nothing about what they saw.

·         Roger Sperry pointed out in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, the research of the two side of the brain vindicates the importance of experience in the modern scientific dominated world. “The whole world of inner experience,” he stated, “long rejected by 20th-century scientific materialism, thus becomes recognized and included within the domain of science.”

·         Finally, because the main way the UFO mystery is studied is through the scientific method, we must remember that science is very left brained relying on analysis and rational thought. Therefore, it uses a lot of storytelling to explain reality. When there are gaps in the story it comes up with things like black holes, parallel universes, dark energy, dark matter and a whole host of other fictional characters. In addition it creates words that fill in for gaps in knowledge such as placebo, singularity, hallucination, nature, genetic memory, and instinct. The biggest of these fictional characters is the famous “laws of physics” or “laws of science.” Steven Hawking famously used the phrase when stating that a concept of God was not necessary. “What I have done,” wrote Hawking, “is to show that it is possible for the way the universe began to be determined by the laws of science.”

This however raises the obvious question about this left brain storytelling. Who is this fictional character called the laws of science? It sounds like a group of super heroes, or like the millions of Hindu Gods. There is the scientific God of gravity, the God of electromagnetics, the God of Conservations and Symmetry, the God of quantum mechanics, the God of Thermodynamics, and on and on. 

The storyteller might be challenged to answer some God questions about the story of the laws? For example - Who is the law of gravity? Where and when was he born? Where did he get his power? How does he communicate his law to the Universe? Why does the Universe have to obey him? How does he enforce his law? If he is eternal does he ever wonder where he came from? Does he wear a cape?

The answer is that none of the thousands of laws have a known origin? There is no answer as to why the law is conveyed or obeyed in all part of the Universe. The laws are just descriptions of some aspect of reality. They are like describing the story of Moses dividing the Red Sea – long on description but devoid of an answer as to how the trick is done.

They are simply stories that are used to fill the gaps of ignorance told by the guy with the gift of the gab that shows up at every cocktail party. They do not explain the mystery and  must be kept in perspective for what they really are – stories.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Amazing Right Brain Telepathy Tales

We must postulate a cosmic order of nature beyond our control to which both the outward material objects and the inward images are subject. Nobel Laureate quantum theorist Wolfgang Pauli.
Yes, I think telepathy exists and I think quantum physics will help us understand its basic properties. Nobel Laureate Dr. Brian Josephson.
As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. Nobel Laureate Max Planck.
There are countless stories of savants who can do unbelievable calculations and instantaneous counting in their head faster than computers. In the past how they did it was a total mystery, but that is changing. Now many non-verbal autistic people are able to communicate using computer keyboards and stencils.
What we are learning is that the savant is not using a left brain function to calculate or count.  The answer is appearing in the savant’s mind indicating some sort of right brained telepathic process.
This new understanding coincides with the physical diagnosis that most savants suffer from some sort of left brain impairment, implying no abilities to calculate. This is further supported by the observation that those who exhibit the best savant telepathic abilities seem to be the non-verbal subjects where the left brain is most severe exhibited by left brain speech damage. Therefore the shutting down of the left brain, that helps us operate in the physical world, would allow the right brain to become dominant and access information from some sort of non-local matrix.
Daniel Tammet is one of the calculating savants who is able to describe what goes on in his head when he calculates. He confirmed that the process does not involve calculation but rather waiting for the answer to appear as an image in his head. In his book Born on a Blue Day Tammet described what goes on in his head when he multiplies. Tammet has synesthesia where he sees color, shape, texture, and taste when he experiences numbers. He gave an example of how he multiplies two complex numbers together and how the answer downloads into his mind. When he sees the numbers 53 and 131 he sees distinct shapes associated with the numbers.

As soon as he makes the decision to multiply them together a third shape appears which fits neatly between the two other shapes like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. That shape has a number associated with it 6943 which Tammet recognizes. It is the answer.

Tammet is quite clear in what happens in his head. The answers to the complex math he is asked to do pops into his head like a right brain telepathic download. He does not do any left brain calculating.
Another important aspect of the Tammet story is his connection to prime numbers (numbers divisible only by one and the number itself) which many savants are fascinated with. The Sacks Twins, for example, (described below) could go back and forth between themselves and identify 6 and 7 digit prime numbers in sequence even though there is no real way to calculate prime numbers. In Tammet’s experience with primes he sees a prime number as having a pebbly appearance when it appears in his head. This would confirm it is not some sort of calculated left brain operation but some sort of right brained download or the ability to tap into a field where all the prime numbers are stored.
Another savant who adds to this telepathic story is Zacharias Dase – Dase was a 19th century mathematical savant who suffered from epilepsy from early childhood. He had an almost legendary ability to do complex calculations even involving 100 digit numbers.
He multiplied and divided large numbers in his head, but when the numbers were very large he required considerable time. Schumacher once gave him the numbers 79532853 and 93758479 to be multiplied. From the moment in which they were given to the moment when he had written down the answer, which he had reckoned out in his head, there elapsed 54 seconds. He multiplied mentally two numbers each of 20 figures in 6 minutes; 40 figures in 40 minutes; and 100 figures in 83/4 hours, which last calculation must have made his exhibitions somewhat tiresome to the onlookers. He extracted mentally the square roots of a number of 100 figures in 52 minutes.[1]
One of the amazing abilities Dase had was the ability to count items almost instantaneously.
He had one ability not present to such a degree in other ready reckoners. He could distinguish some thirty objects of a similar nature in a single moment as easily as other people can recognize three or four. The rapidity with which he would name the number of sheep in a herd, of books in a book-case, of window-panes in a large house, was even more remarkable than the accuracy of his mental calculations.
Once again this ability appears not to have been logical left brained function, but rather a right brained telepathic ability, as illustrated by the another story told about Dase counting peas. Dase “who would instantly call out '183' or '79' if a pile of peas was poured out, and indicate as best he could - he was also a dullard - that he did not count the peas, but just 'saw' their number, as a whole, in a flash.”[2]                   
The very same ability to instantly count was seen in the Sacks Twins. John and Michael were savant twins that psychiatrist Oliver Sacks met and studied in 1966 in a state hospital. A video of them in action can be seen at
Although they could not do logical left brain mathematics like 7 x 4, or 10 – 3, they were able to exhibit right brained telepathic type abilities such as giving the day of the week for any date in history, and instantly count. This instantaneous counting became part of the movie Rain Man where the autistic savant Raymond instantly counts 246 toothpicks that fall from a toothpick box in a restaurant.
The true story that the movie story was based on occurred by the twins in the presence of Dr. Sacks and he described it as follows,
A box of matches on their table fell, and discharged its contents on the floor: '111,' they both cried simultaneously; and then, in a murmur, John said '37'. Michael repeated this, John said it a third time and stopped. I counted the matches - it took me some time - and there were 111.
 'How could you count the matches so quickly?' I asked. 'We didn't count,' they said. 'We saw the 111.'
'And why did you murmur '37', and repeat it three times?' I asked the twins. They said in unison, '37, 37, 37, 111'.
 And this, if possible, I found even more puzzling. That they should see 111 - '111-ness' - in a flash was extraordinary…But they had then gone on to 'factor' the number 111 - without having any method, without even 'knowing' (in the ordinary way) what factors meant. Had I not already observed that they were incapable of the simplest calculations, and didn't 'understand' (or seem to understand) what multiplication or division was? Yet now, spontaneously, they had divided a compound number into three equal parts.
'How did you work that out?' I said, rather hotly. They indicated, as best they could, in poor, insufficient terms - but perhaps there are no words to correspond to such things - that they did no 'work it out', but just 'saw' it, in a flash. John made a gesture with two outstretched fingers and his thumb, which seemed to suggest that they had spontaneously trisected the number, or that it 'came apart' of its own accord, into these three equal parts, by a sort of spontaneous, numerical 'fission'. They seemed surprised at my surprise - as if I were somehow blind; and John's gesture conveyed an extraordinary sense of immediate, felt reality. Is it possible, I said to myself, that they can somehow 'see' the properties, not in a conceptual, abstract way, but as qualities, felt, sensuous, in some immediate, concrete way? And not simply isolated qualities - like '111-ness' - but qualities of relationship?[3]
The final example of this telepathic ability comes from a non-verbal autistic girl by the name of Haley who was a test subject for psychiatrist-neuroscientist Dr. Diane Powell. The fact that Haley’s left brain non-verbal centers were not operational provides strong evidence of the telepathic ability being accessed by the right brain. (There are a series of young children around the world who have been identified with this pure telepathic ability).
During the 2014 testing that Powell administered to Haley, were a series of random numbers Haley was asked to read from the mind of one of Haley’s therapy workers. The therapist was behind a divider out of view of Haley looking at the telepathic targets. In a series of target numbers that totaled 162 digits were given to Haley. She was able to correctly read all the numbers from the therapist mind on the second try. Haley was also able to correctly telepathically pick up sentences, images, made-up words, and foreign language in the therapist’s mind.
In another series Haley was asked to telepathically read complex mathematical questions from the therapist’s mind. One of ten formulas she was given and gave back with complete accuracy was,
1513347 / 35 = 43238.4857
The theory of what is going appears to be the ability of the savant to telepathically tap into some sort of non-local morphic field and obtain the answer to the equation, the calendar date, or the instant count of items without having to count. The idea of morphic fields and their ability to provide non-local information comes from the research of former Cambridge professor Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. To explain how this information might be obtained from the morphic field Sheldrake referred to experiments such as those conducted on rats starting in 1920 by William McDougall at Harvard that illustrate the concept of morphic fields which “organize the form, structure and patterned interactions of systems under their influence.”
The experiments were set up to study the possibility of Lamarckian inheritance. McDougall used carefully inbred Wistar rats that were trained to run a water maze and the number of errors made by a rat before it learned to leave the tank indicated the rate of learning. The tests continued for 32 generations and 15 years. Each generation was bred only after being tested to prevent any possibility of conscious or unconscious selection in favor of quicker-learning rats.
The Lamarckian theory seemed to be confirmed as each generation appeared to learn faster making less and less mistakes before learning to run the maze.
Despite McDougall’s techniques to prevent bias as with many new scientific research skeptics arose such as F.A.E. Crew, of Edinburgh University, (later also W. E. Agar and his colleagues at Melbourne University) who years later repeated McDougall's experiment with rats derived from the same inbred strain but unrelated to the Harvard rats. What Crew discovered in that the untrained rats made the same number of mistakes as the Harvard rats in their first attempts as the Harvard rats after 30 generations. A considerable number went through the maze without making a similar mistake.[4]
It appeared from the results that the unrelated rats had somehow picked up the knowledge that had been accumulated by the Harvard rats, and as they were not related the information was not coming from a hereditary factor.
The morphic field idea, however, maybe an idea, that like the abolition of slavery, women’s right to vote, African-Americans using white bathrooms, smoking in public, uncontrolled toxic dumping into public rivers, and gay rights, may be a few years off.
Those in control science are not about to take their failed ideas quietly into the night. In a flashback to the burning at the stake of Giordano Bruno in 1600 for his views, described as heresy, that the universe was infinite and that stars were distant suns with their own planets and extraterrestrial beings, John Maddox, the long-time editor of Nature, is on record as having called Sheldrake’s views “heresy” that deserved to be “condemned.” He added about Sheldrake’s 1981 book A New Science of Life, “while it's wrong that books should be burned, in practice, if book burning were allowed, this book would be a candidate (...) I think it's dangerous that people should be allowed by our liberal societies to put that kind of nonsense into currency.”[5] Fortunately for Sheldrake, Maddox did not call for Sheldrake to be burned at the stake.
The day will come when morphic fields and ESP will become accepted ideas in science. Maddox will be wrong as he was when in 1983 he wrote that there was “"No Need for Panic about AIDS". He wrote that "for strictly prophylactic purposes, male homosexuals should be persuaded to change their ways...The pathetic promiscuity of male homosexuals is the most obvious threat to public health, but is probably no more serious now than it was before homosexuality ceased to be illegal." He described AIDS as a "perhaps non-existent condition".[6]

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