Are Aliens Evil?

One of the key questions debated in modern ufology is “Are the aliens evil?”

On one side of the debate there are books like David Jacobs The Threat have presented evidence that the forces behind the UFO phenomena may be a concern. “As much as I want to be optimistic,’ wrote Jacobs about his conclusions to the UFO abductee information he had gathered over many years which indicated to him that the aliens were a threat. “I find little to fuel hope for the future… I do not think that we will have to wait very long…Now I fear for the future of my own children.” The book was written in 1999 and now almost 20 years later we are still waiting. Some ufologists not quite as pessimistic as Jacobs hold that there may not be an impending takeover but that there are aliens who are only here for their own self-interest.
In 1975 I saw this object known as Charlie Red Star.
Was Charlie a good guy or bad guy?
Should I try and kill him if he ever wants to meet?

Bud Hopkins, another major abduction regressionist stated, “They seem to be here for their own purposes…they could just simply leave and then leave us alone again, which would be quite wonderful.”

Another position is that there must be some evil aliens as it exists alongside the good in this world. The idea is that one group of aliens is evil just like here on Earth. The question then becomes which race on Earth is totally evil, where parents don’t love and care for their children, where children do not love their parents, where married people do not love each other. Which race on Earth has children that are born evil and remain evil their whole life. The answer is – there is no such race. This implies that there probably isn’t an alien race “out there” that is totally evil.

The final position is a skeptical view of the evil alien concept. Those that take this position are criticized by those who fear the aliens. They are often described as people who are “existing in a naive but happy dreamland, awaiting the coming of the Benevolent Ones who will engulf us all in love and protection.” Those who do not buy the evil alien idea are accused of failing to justify cattle and other mutilations, looking the other way in order to maintain their positive world view.

I have often described myself as someone who believes less in the evil alien idea as my years of research go by. That being said how do I address the concerns of those who see the ultimate demise of the human race at the hands of some extraterrestrial invader who plans to take over or eat us in a giant restaurant on the far side of the moon.

The answer is actually quite simple. In the summer of 1945 the 509th bomb group out of Roswell New Mexico, dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When the B-25 bombing groups landed in the Philippians they were greeted with praise and flying awards for their efforts. In minutes, according to the atomic archive, 105,000 people were killed. Another 94,000 people were injured. Have the aliens done anything this evil?

How does bombing innocent men women and children stack up against cattle mutilations? Does this action by the USAF prove that Americans are evil? Does this mean that America is “the great Satan” as the United States of America in described in some Iranian foreign policy documents?

The same Americans who believe in evil aliens would immediately reply that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki does not mean that Americans are evil. They would point to the fact that if the bombs had not been dropped many more people would have died, and thus the bombing actually saved lives. I would totally agree that Americans, like aliens, are not evil.

Those first hand witnesses who actually have had the experience of dealing with the aliens would agree with me– less than 10% believe the aliens are evil. 70% believe that they are good. 87% said that they would not stop their alien experiences if they had a chance to pull out. 74% said their thinking became more ‘Holistic.” Does the testimony of the 1200 experiencers who have taken time to fill out a questionnaire on what they experienced count for anything? The 432 questions contained in Part 2 of the FREE experiencer survey have nothing that supports the evil alien theory.

The first hand witnesses have testified through their answers on the questionnaire that they have been allowed to fly the craft. 92% believe they are part of a grand plan by the aliens. 51% claim they have received healing by an alien. 34% claim to have talked with the aliens about God, 52% about Love and Oneness, and 34% told things about life after death. In the same way I would argue that Russians are not evil because Stalin killed millions of his people, that the Chinese are evil because of the millions killed by Moa, or that the all Japanese are evil because their military forces bombed Pearl Harbor.

I would further argue that there is no “evil alien” race based on things we perceive as evil. The agreement is made that there must be evil aliens based upon evil we see on earth. This raises the question – which nation on Earth is evil? Is there a country were children are born evil, where women don’t cry at the death of one of their children, and where love and compassion do not exist? Examples can be raised where individuals will do things that we would consider evil. A close look at the person would show elements of good. The same applies to each of us. We do good things and bad things.

Evil if it exists happens on a personal level. We have all done things that could be considered evil by an outside observer. Each of the groups we consider evil consider themselves good guys. Everyone think they are the good guy no matter how deluded their thinking. I really doubt many people get up each morning planning how they can destroy the world for their children and grandchildren. The evil nation (be it human or alien) is a creation of the human mind. It changes from year to year.

In World War 2 the allies were convinced that Germany and Japan were evil nations that we could bomb without guilt because they were evil. When the war ended the evil somehow evaporated and they were no longer evil. They became our friends and trading partners. China, the Soviet Union, and Vietnam were considered parts of the “evil empire. Now somehow the evil has dissipated and they are trading partners. Iran has gone back and forth. The country was considered evil before the 1953 CIA backed overthrow of the government and the installation of the Shah. The country became our friend. When the Shah was overthrown by the Ayatollah they were put back into the evil camp.

In January Mark Gerson, Bush's chief speechwriter, had asked Canadian Bush speechwriter David Frum first to find a justification for war against Iraq. Frum complied and came up with the “Axis of Evil” speech that Bush delivered to his State of the Union address. This added North Korea as an evil empire along with Iraq and Iran.

The concept of categorizing groups of people as evil is a long and sad story in human history. It goes back a long way at least to South America where the natives declared “the only good Spaniard is a dead Spaniard.” In North America it has moved from “the only good Indian is a dead one “to the only good Nigger is a dead nigger.” In Asian it moved from “the only good jap is a dead jap” in WW 2 to Vietnam in the late 1960s where “the only good gook is a dead one” The Germans in WW 2 and still today face the “the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut.”

The formula “the only good X is a dead X” has always worked well at marginalizing other groups who do not share our beliefs and values. Now the beings behind the UFO phenomena are at risk being the new X. Once the being become publically known it will instill calls for weapons to take on our new enemy in a battle we will not win. That is a sad conclusion in light of the evidence that I have seen over my 40 years of research in the field.

The eminent Harvard professor John Mack may have summed it up best when he spoke in a public discussion that took place between himself and Bud Hopkins in Boston. Speaking to the point that he had a much more positive view of the abduction experience than Bud Hopkins Mack said,

There is an irony here in a way Bud, because I am supposed to be the psychiatrist here. I am supposed to see the really troubled disturbed people, and it almost seems as if you’re seeing the worst cases from the mental health standpoint and I’m seeing the more seeking ones which may have to do with who we are , and how we work, and what goes on.


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  7. From being in the Vietnam war and seeing how the beautiful Vietnamese people were turned into "gooks", is an excellent point in the history of the human race dehumanizing others in order to justify acts against them. It goes on in today's conflicts. Evidence over time, since "they" have been here before we even existed, indicates if they wanted to destroy all of us, that would have happened by now, especially with technology way far beyond our current understanding. I think this is a very important topic and Grant has made some excellent points. It's important because the subconscious minds of the population has been purposely indoctrinated through the entertainment industry to view aliens as evil invaders for the most part. leaked early classified documents indicated that they were not hostile, while other leaked documents and deathbed testimonies (Iron mountain report and Von Braun) showed that elements within the secret government (our infiltrated National Security) had planned to create a future false perception of ETs attacking earth as another yet false flag to move forward their agenda in which they secretly engineer the world's consent to "the only good alien is a dead alien" scenario as it accomplishes their agenda goals. I've also written about this manipulated perception at sharing my experiences with this subject

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