Friday, November 4, 2016

Jimmy Kimmel UFO Question to Hillary

Fascinating UFO email from the Podesta files regarding Hillary's Nov. 5, 2015 appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It was in this show that she expected to be asked the UFO question. This was part of a planned action that started on Sept. 30 when John Podesta tweeted to Lena Dunhan to ask Hillary about the aliens.According to the WikiLeaks emails Hillary had practised her answer to the UFO question for five minutes and planned to bring up the UAP term that was now being used for UFOs.

After Podesta put up the challenge to reporters to ask Hillary about the aliens, there would be no question until Daymond Steer in New Hampshire asked at the end of Dec 2015. Also of note, Hillary never brought up the subject. She simply answered UFO questions put to her, which appears to be part of the plan.
Unfortunately, Kimmel did not ask the question even though he intended to.

Podesta was contacted for advise on what to do. Sara Latham, Podesta's deputy wrote,

The question that had been thought up by the Clinton's staffers was,

Hillary would have to wait till her next appearance on Kimmel in March 2016 where she delivered her whole practiced line about UAPs and the fact that she would "look again" in reply to Kimmel challenging her that her husband Bill claimed he couldn't find any of the truth on UFOs after he was elected.

This March 25, 2016 video can be seen at

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