Sunday, October 30, 2016

Leslie Kean Letter

Researcher Leslie Kean writes John Podesta responding to two letters sent to Podesta by Robert Fish,
Researcher Leslie Kean
who wrote a book on the recovery of the Apollo 11 capsule. The first letter was originally sent to Kean who did not reply. He therefore wrote Podesta who forwarded it to Kean.

In his letters Fish described UFO related information he had overheard in a TS/SCI cafeteria. (I wrote about these letters previously)

Kean writes Podesta referring to the Fish disclosures,

"Another confirmation of yet more documents kept from the public. This knowledge belongs to the people under the law! Can we get the ball rolling during this transition window - perhaps a quiet meeting with the right people - before your next assignment? I already have the perfect briefing package, and a highly qualified staffer ready to go. The timing seems ideal. -leslie"

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