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The White House and the Wizard: What Does the President Know?

This is a story about Washington wizards, but not the basketball kind. This is a story about a wizard that some believe actually runs the US government.

There is a big belief in the UFO community that the United States government is run not by the president and Congress but by someone else and that high-level officials are doing nothing even though they realize what they are doing each day is illegal and unconstitutional.  

The basic core of this wizard story says that Presidents Truman and Eisenhower had control of the UFO mystery but that in the transfer of power to the Democrat John Kennedy someone was able to shift the information to some entity outside the government. The wizard tale tells the story of the final speech given by Eisenhower that warned about the military industrial complex which had gained control and was be unstoppable. This story has persisted despite my many warnings that a simple google search with the words “military industrial congressional complex” would pop up the real meaning behind the Eisenhower speech, and why the word congressional was dropped from the final draft. It appeared, however, that the story sounded better with the UFO spin to it, so everyone has ignored my warning and the UFO version continues to be the main story told.

The story continues on that despite the fact no one alive can get people in the US government to work in cooperation on anything, during the transition to the Kennedy administration someone was able to herd the thousands of cats all working on the UFO program. They were led to stop sending their material to the president as dictated by law and the constitution, and instead send it to the Wizard’s Castle in the land of Oz. Moreover, all the high-level people involved in this sudden insurrection of the United States government and constitution all chose to go along with this illegal action.

Kennedy, as the story go, was really out of the loop. He became the first of many US presidents that are no more than puppets. The story sort of goes off the rails when the commonly repeated story is told that despite the fact that Kennedy knew nothing he was assassinated for plans to give the UFO information to the Soviets. The ignoring of this discrepancy in the story shows that nothing can kill a good tabloid story.

The story ends with the generalization that the whole UFO story is beyond the president and congress. We really don’t know who is in change, or what they are doing, except that they spend a lot of time trying to misinform, harass, and sometimes kill researchers.

I used to be in the camp that believed in the idea that the Wizard of Oz and his band of tooth fairies had taken over the government. Now I am leaning the other way based on the evidence.

There is a lot of evidence. Some of the key evidence is coming from Obama, his press secretary Josh Earnest, and the White House reporters who are closer than anyone to the center of power in Washington.

Laurance Rockefeller with Hillary Clinton at the Rockefeller Ranch
In the 1990s Laurance Rockefeller approached the Clinton White House in an effort to get UFO disclosure. He issued a threat to the president’s science advisor, Jack Gibbons that he would put a full-page ad in every major newspaper in America dealing with the subject of ET/UFOs. The ad demanding ET/UFO disclosure and implied that President Clinton knew the answer to the UFO mystery and that he should share it with the voters. He wrote in part:

Mr. President

On The Subject of UFO Phenomena -
What Do You Know, When Did You Learn It?
Have You Shared it with Congress?
When Will You Talk to the American Public About It?
The Subject is as Important as Any We Will
Ever Face. Don’t Try to go it Alone.
This Information Belongs to the World.

Now over two decades later the president is again being challenged to reveal what he knows about UFOs. The new demands for the president to disclose came from Hillary Clinton stating, in the reply to three questions on the subject, that she planned to free up as many UFO documents as she could once she was in the White House.

That promise led eventually to the New York Times doing a straight up piece on the Clinton UFO promise on May 10, 2016. The article caused the story of Hillary’s promise to go viral, and for the first UFO questions to be asked in a White House briefing since 1997. In six days the press secretary took three related questions which were serious questions questioning whether or not the president was going to reveal what he knows on the subject. Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC also directed a question to Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman. The discussion of a wizard was noticeably absent from the back and forth.

On May 11, 2016, Mark Knoller, White House Correspondent for CBS, asked Obama’s Press
Mark Knoller
Secretary Josh Earnest about President Obama’s knowledge of the UFO situation and whether or not he would disclose before Hillary became president.

KNOLLER: Has he (Obama) gotten to the bottom of it (UFOs)? 

EARNEST: I know that he has joked publically that one of the benefits of the presidency is having access to that information. I don’t know if he availed himself of that opportunity. If we have more on this I will let you know.

 Without prompting the press secretary offered up the idea that the president knows. There was no wizard talk.

The same day Andrea Mitchell, a news reporter at MSNBC, confronted Hillary Clinton’s Press spokesperson Brian Fallon.

MITCHELL: And I want to ask you about Hillary Clinton’s answers on UFOs. She’s saying that she, barring any threats to national security, would open up government files on UFOs and she is now being declared the first E.T. candidate. She said that as president she would release this information. What do we not know about Hillary Clinton and her attitude towards UFOs?

Fallon handled the question indicating that the interest was mostly with John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairperson, and that Hillary was in favor of open government. There was no talk that Hillary would be shut out of the information by some secret group that had taken over the government.

FALLON: Well, Andrea, I think that this is obviously an area that is of interest to many Americans, including our own campaign chairman, John Podesta, who has been very interested in these issues for many years,” Fallon explained. “I think that said, the ‘Times’ article was written somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I’m not sure that this is going to be contemplated in the Democratic platform in Philadelphia this summer. But, certainly, it’s an issue that is a curiosity to many Americans. I think it’s just another way she will be committed to running an open administration.

Then five days later Earnest faced two new UFO questions from two new reporters. The first one was significant because the reporter had actually done some research and had come across an interview Obama did with GQ Magazine where he stated that the Top Secret UFO, Roswell, and alien documents are not as exciting as people think they are.

This is significant because the official White House position on ET documents is not that the Top Secret ones are not that interesting but that there are no documents. In response to a 2011 petition filed by the Paradigm Research Group, Phil Larson from the Office of Science and Technology Policy, in the White House wrote,

The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye.

The question came from Oliver Knox, the Chief Washington Correspondent for Yahoo News. He
Oliver Knox
posed his question about what Obama said to the GQ reporter and asked why Obama doesn’t just make the files public.

KNOX: And at the risk of giving everybody whiplash, in the GQ interview, the President was asked, “Have you ever said, give me the JFK assassination files, I want to read them, give me all the secret stuff,” and the President says, “I got to tell you, it's a little disappointing.  People always ask me about Roswell and the aliens and UFOs, and it turns out the stuff going on that's top secret isn't nearly as exciting as you’d expect.”  Why not make it public? 

EARNEST:  Well, I haven't looked at the documents, so it's unclear to me exactly what the equities might be.  So maybe at the next news conference you can have the opportunity to ask the President that yourself -- which would be interesting.  (Laughter.)

The answer by Earnest was stunning, as he basically challenged Knox to ask the president the question, and implied the answer should be interesting. Once again there was no implication by the reporter or the press secretary that Obama was not in charge of UFO issue. It was simply a matter of asking him about it.

The second question in the same news conference went right to the point that the president knew and
April Ryan
that the press secretary was “doing the dance at the podium” trying to figure out how to walk around her question on Roswell and the classification of the UFO subject. The question was asked by April Ryan, White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks.
RYAN: And my last question.  There’s this increased interest in Roswell.  You’re doing your dance at the podium about it.  Is there such a thing?  Are you -- look at you, you’re drinking so you’re trying to think.  (Laughter.)  Is there such a thing -- are you keeping quiet because of security concerns?  I mean, are we to think that there might be life beyond here?  I mean -- seriously.  I mean, you need to answer this. 

EARNEST:  I’ll just say, April, there are some questions that even the White House Press Secretary doesn’t have answers to, and this is one of them.

The reaction from Ryan was priceless and a strong indicator that the White House correspondents have suddenly discovered that this ET story may be for real and may be a story worth chasing. Most importantly there is no doubt in the mind of the reporters that the wizard behind the UFO story is Barack Obama.
APRIL RYAN:    You’re not going to get off easy like that.

Earnest quickly shot back, “ Okay.  Well, you keep trying.”

It is just a matter of time until one of these reporters puts the question to Obama and demands an answer. Obama has never denied his role in the mystery. He has not made reference to some mysterious group keeping the secret from him.
The unraveling of this 70-year mystery seems now only a question away.

Thanks to Steve Bassett here is a list of the four prominent reporters that have asked ET/UFO related questions in May following the New York Times story. Please encourage them to ask the president if he has been briefed on the subject, and when he will disclose the truth. These reporters are sympathetic to our cause and should be encouraged. As Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairperson John Podesta stated,

We cannot lead if the American people are kept in the dark. We cannot lead if the world does not know the principles and laws that guide us, or if others can credibly say that our commitment to a government of the people, by the people and for the people is simply window-dressing, or that we sacrifice our constitutional principles when it is expedient. 

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