Monday, February 10, 2014

More Music and UFOs

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Experiencer Linda Raya talked about hearing the Red Hot Chili Peppers in
connection with her experience following a regression. The song she heard was "Can't Stop" which makes reference to the Pleiades. Linda had never heard the song before.
Although a lot of the alien musical influence seems to be words about their presence such as

There is definitely other messages coming through such as environment, love over fear, stopping war and protection of animals. Here, talking aliens, is Kiedis from the Peppers who can be an idiot in parts of his life but is a big environmentalist. ( as are many of the others who fall into this alien category)

The basic rule I am guessing is if it is alien or higher spiritual levels it will be very complex and multi layered.

Even as the cork raising down the fast moving river, I seem to be given some sort of direction so we will see who appears in the next couple of weeks.

Patrick Moraz and the Freeway of UFOs

Moraz  was the keyboardist for the progressive rock band Yes (50 million
records sold), from 1974 to 1976, and The Moody Blues (70 million albums sold) from 1978 to 1990. He left the Moody Blues to become a solo artist. His latest album Journey to Freedom will have a number of UFO related songs. Moraz described one of at least four sightings he has had.
“In early 1977 I saw a bunch when I was in Brazil. I used to live in Brazil at the time. I was with one of my musicians – the bass player. We went out in the open on the hill near the house where I was living in. In the middle of the night after a big rehearsal we had had and discussions and so forth. It was about 1:00am in the morning. I saw up in the sky a whole column of UFOs. There was a whole bunch of them – maybe thousands of them. It was like a freeway. It was like a red freeway. It was absolutely unbelievable. They were red and they were going south. That’s all I can say.”




Ace Frehley Talks Alien Abduction

Ace Frehley was the lead singer for KISS which sold 200 million albums
worldwide. They are in the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame. Frehley talked openly about his alien abduction,
“I woke up one morning and found myself lying on the ground in front of the front doorway of my home, my body half in the house and half in the driveway. I’d woken up in a lot of strange places in my life but this took the case. I slowly got up and went inside for a cup of coffee. As my head cleared, I could recall a strange dream about being inside a spaceship. It didn’t see that weird, since I dreamt about UFOs and aliens from time to time in the past, without ever giving it a second thought. This time, though, seemed different…more real. Maybe because I’d never woken up in the doorway before.
The more I thought about the dream the more vivid it became in my mind’s eye. After breakfast I decided to go outside and look around the yard. I stumbled upon a circular impression in the grass, almost like a giant burn. It appeared to be about thirty feet in diameter, but after inspecting it more closely with a tape measure, it actually turned out to be twenty-seven feet.
My lucky number.
Later in the shower, I checked my body for marks – some sign of having been abducted. But there was nothing strange to be found. By the next day the impression in the grass had disappeared, and I just went about my business like nothing had ever happened. I figured if what I had dreamt about had really taken place, there wasn’t really anything I could do about it. Ace Frehley, from band KISS in his book ‘No Regrets.’”
From Tim Beckley Mr. UFO
Many decades ago Ace told him his experience of having the plane he was in being followed by a UFO. In fact, I took my name "Mr UFO from Ace cause he couldn't remember my name and so he used to call me Mr UFO. I was promoting Satan the Fire Eater at the time and both bands rehearsed at Talent Recon on Broadway. They were just putting on their makeup. We had gigs at the same hotels and clubs. Kiss made it and I am still pushing UFO books.



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