Sunday, January 19, 2014

UFO Sightings – Chasing the Illusion

I have just finished giving a lecture on the Alien Disclosure plan where I proposed that much of what has happened in the UFO field over the last 110 years may be nothing more than an illusion presented to us to raise our consciousness about the fact we are not alone in the universe, that we have environmental problems, and that Love and Oneness are they key elements of the Universe.

I started my story by pointing out the wooden blimp type airships of the 1890s which appeared over the United States. They disappeared for good around 1897, to be followed by rocket type objects over the Scandinavian countries in the mid-1930s. Like the airships they came and went to be followed by Foo fighters of WW2 which haunted pilots of both the German and allied forces. The foo-fighters disappeared forever at the end of the war to be replaced green fireballs that appeared over the places where the a-bomb and its explosives were being produced. Like the foo-fighters the government was very interested in finding out what was behind the phenomena, but before they could the foo-fighter and green fireball sightings had gone the way of the dinosaurs.

In 1946 the flying saucer and discs would appear. They would stick around through the rest of
Dave's  Photo New Jersey January 11, 2014.
Taken while driving.
recorded history up to the present but the falling leaf pattern that they exhibited in the early days would stop. The balls and bumps on the early flying saucers would also disappear.

The late 1940s and 1950s brought stories of saucers dropping down molten metal and angel hair. Today new researchers would be puzzled at the mere mention of such things. The 1950s brought human looking aliens that have messages of nuclear disaster. They too would fade being replaced with contacts with grey aliens stealing eggs and sperm and bring a message of environmental and not nuclear chaos in the world.

The 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s also brought of stories of hundreds of different looking humanoids moving around landed saucers and crafts gathering plant samples or water. They would disappear along with the countless stories of saucers appearing at close range with windows and aliens looking out.

Stories of cars being stalled would come and go, along with one of the biggest collection of reports that has been waved around by researchers to defend the fact that there is physical evidence supporting the UFO phenomena – the ground traces. I and another researchers stood ready in the 1970s to race to the site where a craft would land destroy the vegetation and leave three telltale pod marks. Field training manuals for UFO investigators still teach the proper procedures for dealing with such cases but the equipment is not used and the investigations do not take place. The grounds traces, numbering over 4,000 at their peak have stopped.[1]

Even the long running saucer craft seems to be in trouble. In talking to one investigator handing one of the big UFO databases I was told that triangle crafts are taking over the reports.

The lists of things that have come and gone are endless. The cattle mutilation only started in 1976 hitting a peak in the 70s and 80s. Now today they have not stopped but they are not nearly as frequent. The nests of the 50s and 60s were replaced by the crop circles in 1977. They have continued on unabated probably because it is a phenomena that continues to amaze.

What I discovered in talking to people after my presentation is that many people acknowledge that there may be a component of alien message inside a fancy ever changing box, they are still heavily vested in UFO sightings and that this is much more revealing and important than any possible message that aliens might be sending us.

It occurred to me that that the illusion is “the hook” that whoever is behind UFOs is using to slip the message in the back door.

An analogy that can be used to describe this situation is the person who is amazed and eager to tell his story of seeing a lady being sawed in half on stage and then put back together. A second man listening to the story asked what color the girl’s hair was and gets the reply blond, to which he says, “I saw the same thing six months ago in New Jersey and her hair was brunette.” The two men then initiate a study to find out why.

So it is in the UFO research world where the focus of research has changed from one thing to
Pete's Photo January 19, 2014
another over the years. Those behind the phenomena have changed up the magic tricks every ten years or so and that has keep us interested chasing after the illusion. It becomes so consuming for some they cannot change the channel.

Because we have been chasing the illusion we have understandably gotten nowhere, and this leads to the constant complaint in ufology that we aren’t getting anywhere and the media, government, and scientific world ignore us. Some quit in disgust, only to be dragged back in by some sort of addiction to watching magic tricks.

Many came to me about their impression that they have been given a message, but that may have been because I am the consciousness guy who will listen to such claims. There are also the experiencers who approached me with songs they have written – music that they believe had a helping hand.

I became apparent from this lecture and from others that I have given that people are still in love with the illusion. This is very understandable. The stories range from the latest sighting photos, to the importance of reported triangles, to the latest UFO documentaries and TV shows that are out or being produced.

We love a good story and will resist any attempt to minimize the sighting experience. We love them and like a radio station Top 40 we have our favorites. These favorites are the ones that every new documentary will rehash over and over year after year. There is Rendlesham, Roswell, the Travis Walton abduction, the UFOs over the White House in 1952, the Socorro, New Mexico landing, the Belgian triangles, and the Cash Landrum UFO where then women were seriously injured. They get rehashed because they are popular and they therefore make for a high rated show.

Alien messages, on the other hand, don’t make good TV, and TV after all is all about attracting lots of people to watch so the advertisers will put up money to slip their message into the story. We’d rather watch action, mystery, and a possible end of the world scenario, as opposed to a simple message that reminds us of a harping mother or a Sunday morning sermon.

The time has come to listen to the experiencers who are getting the messages, taking many of the photos, and whose words are pointing us in the direction of the answer.

[1] There are burn circle that still get reported but they seem to occur around abductees -


  1. Masterful analysis that ties many important threads together and points towards a future when the central role of mind(consciousness) will be understood not only by the UFO research community but hopefully by the larger society as well. The question that has fascinated me is what are the mechanisms by which the "illusion" has been maintained. About ten years ago I came up with the "Virtual Experience" hypothesis.

    A brief summary is as follows. I have come to the conclusion that UFO intelligence can create hologram type displays that we perceive as physical craft, they can lay down on a film, or computer chip an image of an object that doesn't correspond to any physical object, they can create a Virtual Reality ala the movie,"The Matrix," to convince experiencers they are having an "onboard event." UFO intelligence can even create false memories that for some people might be as real to them as the memory of the corn flakes they had for breakfast. With this extraordinarily psi capability largely ignored by the UFO research community, one can imagine how much work we need to do in order to get a handle on the phenomenon.

  2. I enjoyed Grant's presentation and indeed it was masterfully integrated, but he includes some things that I differ in opinion. The cattle mutilations may have been ET-oriented, but it makes more sense that it was done by US Military as a deterrent to engaging them. It has been well-documented that no malevolent action has ever been taken; no death has ever been documented from ET or UFO contact. Travis was the closest, but his abduction was to save his life, not take it.

    I'm surprised the Dr. Burkes left his comment as anonymous, yet his 'Virtual Experience' does have merit. ET communication has never been verbal. Every abductee/contactee has reported telepathic communication was the means for relaying messages. Imagery and/or words are easily transferred from their minds to ours. It is obvious we are still a fear-based civilization and consequently perceive nearly every experience outside our realm of understand as 'negative' or life-threatening when, I propose, it could not be further from the truth. When one is an adept at meditation or stilling the mind, the capacity for direct communication increases exponentially.

    I completely concur with the notion that the series of types/styles of UFO presentation has shifted throughout the last half-century to include various presentations of information so that we, as evolving humans, can better understand our own nature as a result. We are being asked to evolve and grow into a higher state of consciousness so we don't self-destruct. The consistent thread of information has always included something toward our growth as a civilization and the caution, even warning, of our misplaced actions toward our planet and people. From warning us about splitting the atom to shutting off the ICBM silos to removing fear of diversity from our consciousness we have been slow to grow.

    I'd asked Grant about another piece of the puzzle, the hybrid children that must be present from the 'experiments' reported by abductees who supposedly had eggs or sperm collected. Where are they? I suspect they may be some of those artists and particularly musicians Grant now includes as messengers of a new living awareness. I wonder if, since there have been thousands of years of interactions, there might be a whole group of those who think they are human but may advanced humans instead, with just a slight difference in order to fit in better, like higher intelligence or expanded abilities that go beyond the normal human spectrum one might expect. The standard deviations may be skewed by such far-edge individuals.

    Then there is a potential presented by cosmic condensing into forms we call bodies, that are becoming aware of the multiple dimensions or layers of consciousness that are accessible through specific mental/spiritual practices. Is it possible that these forms we see in other dimensions are also connected to the physical world in some way? William Swygard's Multi-Plane Awareness technique presents that one can experience multiple bodies on multiple planes of consciousness as part of an integration process. Since Grant is the 'consciousness' guy, I wonder what he might sense about that? Could it be that our 'reality' is another level of consciousness and that we are beginning to pierce the veil of universal consciousness?

  3. The creation of illusion can be perceived as an attempt to deceive or perhaps it is meant to be a kind of intelligence test. Rather than focusing on form like saying,"Oh I can't wait to get a picture of a cool UFO," saucer intelligence is trying to get us to focus on the message that they are pushing during face to face encounters with non-humans. Those messages according to leading UFO researcher Grant Cameron has varied over time. Please click on the above photo of a UFO to read his article. In the 1950s many of the messages were about the dangers of nuclear energy. In more recent years the emphasis has apparently shifted to concerns about the environment. Perhaps this is also why close up HD quality pictures of saucers are wanting. Again the message might be don't focus on form, but instead on formlessness which is what consciousness is. Mind has no form. Consciousness can not be defined, only described. And those descriptions never capture the essence of being awake and knowing you are awake and being in touch with all that there is through the unbounded aspect of mind. Grant discusses this very well in the above blog.and the need for spiritual development Please everyone please read the blog and not just look at the "cool" picture.

  4. Aliens are very real - and so is their message.