Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reporter Daniel Oberhaus UFO Questions

On Sun, Jan 17, 2016, Daniel Oberhaus, who writes for Slate, Vice, Motherboard, Popular Mechanics

Daniel Oberhaus
and others  addressed UFO questions to John Podesta. The questions and answers are interesting given Podesta's previous government jobs.

 Hello Mr. Podesta,

 I am writing an article for VICE on the subject of the politics of  searching for alien life. I've spoken with SETI researchers and ET  disclosure advocates about the political aspects of their work, and was
 hoping to get your opinion on the matter given your intimate knowledge of  capitol hill and history of promotion of UFO disclosure.

If you are at all open to answer a few questions about ET disclosure  advocacy and the importance of SETI science via email or the telephone in  the coming days, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Thank you for your time,
 Daniel Oberhaus

Subject: Re: A Few Questions for VICE?

*Why do you think that the disclosure of UFO-related documents is

Throughout my career, from my work on the staff of the Senate Judiciary
Committee to the White House, I have been a strong advocate for government
openness and transparency. When I was White House Chief of Staff I led the
effort to declassify over 800 million pages of historically valuable
previously classified documents. Disclosure of files related to
unidentified aerial phenomena is completely consistent with the goal of a
transparent and open government. It might also be good material for future
X-files plots.

*It seems like a lot of UFO documents would contain sensitive military
information – how would you go about getting these released?*

The government has processes in place for redacting material that should
remain classified, even if it’s decades old. I’m confident that it can be
handled appropriately.

*Do you think if Hillary is elected she would make good on her promise to
get to the bottom of this UFO business? Why?*

She promised me she would!

*Other than Hillary, are there any other alien-friendly candidates in the
running? If not, why do you think this is?*

Notwithstanding the fact that serious scientists, military leaders,
business people, and average citizens are interested in the subject of
intelligent life in the universe, political leaders tend to worry about
whether they will be lampooned if they broach the subject. I, on the other
hand, am interested in just making the UNIVERSE GREAT AGAIN.

*What makes you think there is information on UFO and extraterrestrials
that the government is not sharing with the people? What would the motive
be for this?/If it turned out that there was information being withheld,
how do you think people would react to it? Are we ready to hear this?
Why/why not?*

Look, I believe that the government, in the name of transparency and
openness should declassify and release information in regards to
unidentified aerial phenomena. Obviously, there have been decades of
speculation about what, if anything, is contained in these files, and I’m
confident that the American people can handle the truth.


  1. Hey Grant,

    Thanks for forwarding the post. I do think it’s pretty unfortunate you closed your FB to comments from the general public. I keep having to come here to add comments, but it seems you don’t read the comments here, you just forward updates from your research.

    No worries, I’ll try anyhow. I’ve followed your whole coverage of the Podesta-Clinton alleged “disclosure” effort with wry skepticism. Without injecting politics; even objectively viewed the Clintons have a demonstrated history of obfuscation, skirting the law for private gain, stonewalling investigations, and outright deception. How anyone could pin their hopes on “UFO Truth” onto a figure like Hillary Clinton simply escapes me completely.


    Second, while I largely agree with many of your research objectives and the logic that has propelled these forward, I also place serious asterisks at other places. For example, you have stated unequivocally that the presidents “must” be aware of US government phenomenology efforts because they are the chief executive. I find this blanket assumption simply naive in the extreme. JFK, RFK and MLK were assassinated with assistance from persons within the federal bureaucracy either within sanctioned or unsanctioned programs, either way, you cannot persuade me JFK signed off on government programs to have himself assassinated.

    While I’m sure there are files of a Project Bluebook nature within the government that would be accessible to the executive or would be subject to presidential briefings _if requested_, I’m equally confident that segments of government involvement with certain aspects of the phenomenon exist deep within black projects that the executive has absolutely no control over whatsoever. I find the “either/or” dichotomy that seems to exist between certain researchers on this matter stupefying considering the Byzantine nature of the US government, its size, organizational complexity and lack of oversight, as repeatedly stated by even the OMB after every audit when it announces how many of hundreds of billions cannot be accounted for. And yet… NO ONE… goes to jail for the missing _billions_. EVER.

    Third. At this juncture… what exactly does anyone still hope to achieve with disclosure? I just don’t get it. It’s obvious the government doesn’t know nearly as much as people think they do, has little to no control over phenomena and still feels compelled to place the matter of utmost secrecy. In the meantime… mainstream science is approaching the moment of understanding and acceptance of the high strangeness of phenomenology with every passing day. Consciousness studies, quantum physics, even mainstream science itself is moving to such radical reinterpretations of the nature of existence that the entire field of phenomenology could be incorporated into a new scientific method; this is something that John Mack was fighting for in his lifetime. We’re actually approaching that moment and still the people in ufology are fixated on the preposterous official presidential announcement-moment, as if that will just make everything right in the world.

    Come on guys. Seriously.

    I’ve learned more about some aspects of the phenomenon by simply listening to Terence McKenna talks from 20 years ago, or by listening to Tom Campbell lectures about consciousness than anything coming out of ufology for the last 20 years. It seems ufology is content to chase its tail around the maypole like salivating dogs. But I’m comfortable the answers lie within a more thorough understanding of human consciousness. You yourself have even said this repeatedly Grant. So… what the continued fixation with “disclosure” when it’s all a circus sideshow at best? At worst, it will be the next “weapons of mass destruction” narrative to be launched out of DC. Even Paul Krugman has put forward a suggestion of that nature.

    I think your time is better spent pursuing the consciousness issue where it belongs Grant, within your mind.

    Good luck, and thanks for reading this far.


  2. Flying saucers threaten all terrestrial elites. UFOs and the messages associated with the intelligence responsible for them challenge the dominant belief system promoted by academia, the military, media and politicians that we are alone in the universe. The message of oneness and the unity of all intelligent life in the cosmos undermine the social norms that reinforce the rule of the few.

  3. Thanks for the comment.

    Just to clarify a few points. The article above was simply a high level government official answering UFO questions. He is the only one that ever has. There is no secret agenda in publishing it.

    As to disclosure I have written about the gradual disclosure now for 25 years and will be releasing an entire book on it hopefully in January. Anyone who does not see what is going on is not really paying attention.

    Most importantly I have NEVER said that there was going to be an official presidential announcement. For some reason people can't shake this idea. I, in fact, wrote an entire article on the reasons the president would not make such an announcement unless he was forced - which appears to be part of the game.

    The United States is the only place where a presidential candidate stands up and talks about disclosing the truth about UFOs. I live in Canada and I can speak for every other nation outside the United States in saying that the US is the only place where this happens. In every other country there are no deep throats telling stories about what is behind the phenomena.

    As I have pointed out the government (same with the aliens) is not disclosing. If they were they would take the NYT to see the craft and ET bodies. They are not covering up as there are scores of people talking and thousands of pages of documents that have been leaked. This is not disclosure and it is not cover-up. THEREFORE it is something in between.

    As to evil demons who smell like sulfur inside the government killing JFK, MLK, and JFK count me among the unbelievers. There are now 62 groups that have been identified as killing Kennedy.

    The fact that Trump, the ultimate outsider, could beat Obama and Podesta, the ultimate government insiders, proves that outsiders can overthrow the government.

    A couple other points. Science is nowhere near accepting anything of high strangeness. The fact that they were trying to pull Mack's tenure, or that Nobel Prize winners have come under attack for supporting unusual research, is proof of that. The religion of science is the key roadblock to an understanding of the UFO phenomena.

    Finally, on consciousness. There is no one who does more work on the UFO link to consciousness than I do. I just published a book called Inspired which deals with Mckenna and all the rest of the literature. I have a second book out I weeks which goes down the same road. I think, right or wrong, I realize the connection to consciousness, downloads, getting here, moving the craft around, and the ultimate messages they are putting into our consciousness.

    Keep in mind that the people who are rumored to be part of this latest acclimatization effort also talk about the role of consciousness. There are lots of high level people who have talked about it. I know who the head guy of the DeLonge affair an he is just a very high level person who had a dramatic night-time encounter in his bedroom with his wife in the mid 1990s. There are no demons, no evil cabal, no Wizard of Oz. Just people who go to work every day like you and me and who want a better world for their children. They like you think they are saving the world. They live in a world of government rules on secrecy that Roosevelt started to set up in March 1940. They have a very complex problem to deal with. The same applies to the other 20+ people involved. I know many of them and I have come to understand the world they live in.

  4. "The religion of science is the key roadblock to an understanding....."
    Glad to see someone else has recognized this

    "Just people who go to work every day like you and me and who want a better world for their children. They like you think they are saving the world. They live in a world of government rules on secrecy"

    True. There are plenty of ego driven fools though, but that's no different than the rest of society.