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Katy Perry, Aliens, and the Devil

Cast off your garments of fear, replace them with love. The song Magrigal by the band Yes.

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7

The idea for today simply states a fact. It is not a fact to those who believe in illusions, but illusions are not facts. In truth there is nothing to fear. It is very easy to recognize this. But it is very difficult to recognize it for those who want illusions to be true. Lesson 48 in a Course in Miracles

Fear or anxiety is excitement with a negative judgment projected onto it. Remove the negative judgment, and you have Excitement. When you ignore your excitement, and are instead led by your fears and worries, this leads to "Negative Synchronicity" - upsetting events - the very things you wished to avoid. Bashar

The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there? Buddha

Have no fears, seek only to know yourselves and live in harmony with the ways of your planet earth. Part of an alien message that took over ITN - TV in Sothern England for 5 ½ minutes on November 27, 1977

This is a story of fear in the modern world.

Fear is something that people seem to love and cannot live without. Because of this there is a strong societal belief that there are many people like politicians, presidents of GMO companies, and illuminati who get up every day and then spend their day plotting how to destroy their grandchildren’s world. Likewise we believe that these same people are plotting to destroy us as well.

It becomes a random evolutionary model where it is us (always the good guys) vs the rest of the world (the bad guys). It is a survival of the fittest where fear and a lack of trust will keep you alive. It was a warning given by Elmer Fudd many years to the children watching his cartoon, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

We read articles on diseases we don’t have because of fear. You never know. We need to be prepared in case it someday attacks us. We talk about bad weather as it is a plot by the Gods to make us miserable and derail our daily plans. We chose our foods knowing that there are foods that have been carefully prepared by companies to kill us. We believe that there are evil spirits and devils whose job is to gain control of us souls and lead us to a fire and brimstone eternity of endless pain.

In a way we love to feel sorry for ourselves. For many the victim role brings a sense of comfort in that we become the good soul surrounded by a world of evil. It also absolves us of any responsibility for what we do or don’t do in life.

The world of responsibility for action and learning from experience is replaced with a worldview of helpless victims constantly under attack from winds of evil.

Perry performs at the 2014 Grammy's in what many interpreted
as a display of Satanic worship.
This leads to a question that was raised after a lecture I gave on Consciousness, UFOs, and the Alien Influence in Modern Music. The statement was made that it is the devil, rather than aliens, who is trolling the music of modern singers. The evidence that was sited was the recent Grammy award show where Katy Perry sings “Dark Horse” in a performance where it appears that she is a witch worshiping Satan.

This interpretation brings us back to the old physical world view that has since been destroyed by the experiments of modern quantum physics. In this view the world is a physical environment where there is a battle between a good God and his evil opponent the Devil.

As applied to music this world view has the a horned devil working hard through music to trap young people with his powers, so he can gain their souls, and burn their bodies in fire and brimstone for all eternity. In this model Perry sells her soul for fame and fortune, in exchange for helping to harvest millions of poor helpless victims.

The Perry example of the devil handiwork, however, appears to have much more to do with intolerance and fear of gays than anything Satanic.

The whole Perry - Satan episode begins back in 2008 when Perry sang "I Kissed a Girl" for her second studio album, One of the Boys. Like her song E.T. it sold over 4 million digital copies. It also reached the top of the charts in 20 countries.

Although the song appears to promote homosexuality Perry insisted it didn’t. It had to do with a childhood crush she had on a girl who she kissed at one point. “When we're young, we're very touchy-feely. We have slumber party sing-a-longs, we make up dance routines in our pajamas. We're a lot more intimate in a friendship than guys can be. It's not perverse but just sweet..."[1]

The chorus for the song actually popped into her head after waking up one morning. “It was one of those moments where you hear artists talking about songs they get in dreams or in the middle of the night,” said Perry. “I was like 'wow, what an interesting subject matter to kind of pop into the head' and I didn't do anything with it for about a year-and-a-half. Then all of a sudden at the very, very end of making my album, I literally had two days left in the recording studio with my producer, Dr Luke. We just said, 'we're gonna finish it—it's so catchy because it won't get out of our heads.'”[2]

Once the song was released comments there made by both Perry’s parents which started the satan controversy. Both Perry’s father and mother, who are both Pentecostal preachers, both stated they felt ashamed and embarrassed over their daughter singing the song. Katy’s father questioned how anyone could listen to his sermons anymore when they knew his daughter was singing about kissing girls.

Then as many preachers do Perry’s father used fear to sell his point. He began to refer to his daughter in sermons as a “devil child” and asked people to "pray for Katy."[3] He also asked for contributions in the collection plate of twenties, not ones and twos.

The war was on.

Her mother was no more supportive. In a very fearful anti-gay statement she spoke about her daughter’s song, "It clearly promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting.”[4]

Had her father not attacked her as “the devil child” the whole devil episode would probably never have happened.

Her father however did say it and Katy turned the lemon into lemonade by playing off her new image as the “devil child.” She was indirectly saying to her father, if you want the devil I will give you devils.

Perry with witch's broomstick and Christian
cross on her chest.
Katy and her producers added to the image by adding a witch who then pole dancers with her broom.  It is clearly an addition to spice up the controversy as witches don’t believe in Satan.  They, along with a huge cross on Katy chest were probably thrown in as this would further help to fuel the fear and anger in her parents.

Some might call it spectacular stage execution.

If she was doing this it was not the first time. In one interview Katy described how she pushed the limit every time her parents put limits on her. “I have, I guess, pushed their envelope from the day I was born. I was always the kid at the dinner table who, if there was a line you shouldn’t cross, I took a big leap over it. That’s always been me. There’s never really been, like, an edit button on my keyboard of life.”[5]

Katy will go on to do other things that will keep the fans watching her every move. That’s her job as a performer.

People will continue to guide their daily actions by their fears. They will be added by the media and people needing fear as a motivator to sell products.

Perry’s parents on the other hand will die someday and cross back across the river of forgetfulness. That will bring enlightenment as to why they were born. At that point they will choose to spend their next life as gays so they can learn a lesson of tolerance.

Someday fear will be replaced with the basis of the universe which is love..

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