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UFOs, Musicans, and UFO TV Shows


'It's not that I want to believe – it's impossible not to' Shaun Ryder

Billy Ray Cyrus UFO Photo
Musicians have a thing for UFOs. This goes for UFO belief, writing songs about the subject, and seeing them. What is strange about the seeing is that they seem to see them in bunches.

Take Billy Ray Cyrus, the country and western superstar who sang “Achy Breaky Heart.” He saw five or six UFOs and posted the picture on the internet for all to see.

Then there was Patrick Moraz who was a prominent musician with the British bands Yes and Moody Blues. He had seen UFOs before but in early 1977 he reported seeing thousands of UFOs in Brazil like they were moving along a giant
Patrick Moraz Album
freeway in the sky.

It sounds hard to believe, but there are other top musicians telling such a story. In exactly the same year as Moraz Shaun Ryder the lead singer for Happy Mondays and Black Grape had his first UFO sighting." At first it was still,” he told the Guardian Newspaper, “ and then it went, 'Voooooooom!' And then again: 'Voooooooom!' Classic zig-zag, hovered, then went off at 10,000 miles an hour. Like Star Trek. Boom. Gone. Yeah!"

"I was 15 years old and I was on my first job," he said. "I'd left school and I had a job as a messenger boy at the post office. It was about 6.30 in the morning – still dark but just coming light. I was coming to the bus stop and I saw this light in the sky."

Shaun Ryder Album
 He continued: "It looked like a ball of light that was just zooming about. It sort of hovered there, then it zoomed off. I was a pretty straight kid when I was 15 – there was no drunk or drugs. So that's what really set me off thinking, knowing that there's definitely something out there."

 A few months later, he adds, the same thing happened again at a bus stop in Salford where he saw "hundreds of lights going across the sky, moving really slowly".[i]

"Well, all I'll tell you, right, is that I've seen one, really close up, about 50 foot above, and it looks like a cartoon. It doesn't look real. It looks like it's made out of Airfix kit. They look like toys. When you've seen something as close as I've seen – and bullshit drink, drugs, bollox, none of it, absolutely normal and straight – and you see it and you know they're here … "

Tell me more, I say. "I can't go into any more detail, apart from that it was literally 50 foot above me." Did he have any contact with it? "No, no, but the thing is I wasn't frightened one bit. I was very peaceful and placid when I was looking at the thing…I thought someone was playing a fucking joke. I thought someone had made something out of a gigantic 40-foot Airfix kit."

“It's made me think all sorts of shit. If you've seen something 50 foot away, right, and it's as clear as daylight, it really does make you think. It was early morning. It was ironic that I go out doing this show, looking in certain hotspots, and then boom! You see it here! How no one in the Swinton Worsley bit of Salford cannot have seen that craft, only me, is beyond belief."[ii]

Reg Presley and the Troggs
What makes this story even weirder is the fact that Shaun Ryder went on to be picked by History Channel to do a UFO TV show. As with seeing UFOs in bunches, Ryder is not the only musicians to go on to do a TV show on UFOs. Billy Ray Cyrus did a pilot for a UFO show, and Reg Presley from the British band The Troggs did a UFO TV show in the UK in the 1990s.
What are the odds?

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