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The Alien Crystal Ball

Stan Romanek sat in a plane that was taxiing to take-off at La Guardia airport in July 2013. He suddenly grabbed his wife Lisa’s hand and exclaimed, “Something has happened to a plane.” For a number of minutes he sat agitated and on edge. Ten minutes later an announcement came over the intercom from the pilot. Their take-off would be delayed as there was a crash on the runway. It turned out that an inbound Southwest Aircraft from Nashville had crashed on the runway. 
Romanek is an UFO abductee and abductees experience a lot of this type of premonition. It appears that abductees have entered a world where their psychic mental abilities are heightened. Their minds allow them to do a whole range of things that used to be told of great psychics and prophets of the Bible. There must be a lot of these predictions being made and not reported because this article includes on stories I have heard personally in the last six months. If I have this many stories there must be millions of such events in the world.
There have been some studies that give some support to this hypothesis such as a small study done by Peter Hough who found in his small study of 26 abductees that “A high 88 per cent revealed they experienced minor premonitions.”[i]
The experience of precognition is also found in people who have had near death experiences (NDE). This is significant because NDEs have many similarities with UFO abductions such as all communication being telepathic, being out of one’s body, being at one with the Universe, feeling unconditional love, blinding lights, encounters with dead relatives. It is almost like UFO abduction and near-death experiences are parallel mystical experiences with different triggers.
Lorraine David, who did a study of 93 people who had been in consistent contact with UFOs reported Their attitudes towards themselves and other people became less egocentric, and their personal religious beliefs moved from atheism or sectarianism to a kind of universal spirituality. Those in the study also reported that their psychic abilities had notably increased.

One letter written to the International Association for Near Death Studies contained a description of the ability to see into the future similar to what abductees state

One thing that I have noticed since the NDE is that I have many instances of precognition. I had very clear precognition before my father died 10 years ago. Two days before he suddenly died, I had a dream that I would get a phone call saying that a male member of the family has died. The day before he died I was filled with a tremendous sense of dread and fear. The next morning my mother called to tell me that he had died. I have had several other precognitive experiences, including dreams of plane crashes and traumatic events the night before they happen; a dream of a highway collapsing a few days before it occurs; and fairly accurate dreams before family members pass away.[ii]

I am not an abduction researcher per say but I have come up against a lot of these stories in the last year. Take the story of Daniel, a man who is a prominent businessman who was involved in an abduction at a lake in Ontario with four other prominent individuals. His stories have only been related to me through an associate of mine who has talked to Daniel. None of the five men have gone public with their abduction type experience.

As Daniel tells the story the encounters he is having are with what he calls the shims – a word that describes beings with no apparent sex – a combination of shes and hims. Daniel has been taken many times in an abduction that is more like an out of body experience than a physical abduction. The shims have told him things to prove to him that they are who they say they are. One of the experiences that he told my associate was that there would be a plane flying out of Rio de Janeiro flying to France. The plane would crash in the sea and everyone would die. It happened as predicted.

My associate was so taken when he saw the story shortly after on CNN that the next time Daniel was in his office with 6 other individuals he taped the meeting. Daniel was asked if he had received any other premonitions. He stated that he had. The encounter happened while he was scuba diving in the Caribbean. He was suddenly pulled and found himself with the shims. He protested to them that he was underwater and that he was going to die. They told him not to worry. They had taken care of it.

They moved him above a body of water and showed him a scene of a slick of ugly material floating on the water. They told him this would be the biggest environmental disaster in history.

That was the story that was taped. Four days later the gulf BP oil disaster occurred. My associate told everyone that he had taped the meeting and provided everyone a copy of a clear prediction of a disaster before it had occurred.

Then there is the case of Chris Bledsoe who has probably been abducted his whole life, but who had an awakening abduction on January 8, 2007. He came to know exactly what happened through a regression that was done in July 2008.

Even though Chris got the indication in his 2008 regression that he had made a promise to give a message to the world on behalf of the creatures he encountered, he really didn’t do it. In 2012 he had two more encounters where he met what he called the “Shining Lady.” Chris got the idea that she was some sort of angelic figure that was a higher being than the entities.

The shining lady told Chris that he had a “burden” and it was his to carry. The burden, according to Chris was delivering the message to the world.

Resolving to now deliver the message he took up an offer a short while later to speak to the Ashville North Carolina MUFON monthly meeting. He stood up and started to tell his story of what had happened when suddenly he started to receive some heckling from the audience which is actually an unusual situation.
While trying to figure out how to handle the situation Chris said that a message suddenly appeared in his head to tell the audience that there would be an earthquake in Baja California on September 25, so he said it out loud. Then the same voice said in his head to tell the audience that there will be a natural disaster that will affect to outcome of the 2012 election, so Chris told them this.
On September 25, 2012 there were three earthquakes off the coast of Baja California. The first was 6.2, the second 4.2 and the third 4.8.[iii] As for the second prediction Hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast of the United States just 7 days before the election. It left polls in the dark, and special arrangements had to be made to get in the vote. Some believe that Obama gained by the storm touring the disaster area days before the vote and appearing to be the “comforter-in-chief.”
Another abductee who has stories of precognition is Connie, a woman who grew up just south of my city in Canada who now lives in Florida. Connie’s recollection is that the whole thing began when she was six in the summer of 1977 just south of Steinbach Manitoba where she, her mother, father, and a neighbor were standing talking on the south side of the farmhouse. Suddenly a UFO, shaped like a pyramid that had been cut in half, appeared over the windrow of trees. The object was very close and made no noise. While everyone else stood looking at it Connie yelled and waved at the object. She pleaded with her father to invite them in for coffee and pie, which is a common tradition towards strangers in the area. After 15-20 minutes her father told her to go back to the house. The next thing Connie remembered she was sitting at the kitchen table and it was dark out. Her parents were there in the kitchen with her.

Although she has never been regressed she had a lifetime of dreams and experiences that indicate she is an abductee. Some of the weird experiences Connie has had include precognition. When I asked her how often she gets such future visions, she stated “Frequently – a couple a week. It’s never ending. There’s always something happening. It’s like being on line 24/7.” Connie has seen earthquakes, fires, mine disasters, train crashes, and a case with a rocket launch in 2012 where she kept getting the impression seven of nine. It turned out that a Space X launch at the Cape did have an engine failure. Their official statement, however, states that eight of nine engines worked with only one failing shortly after launch.[iv]
The precognitions come not only with the vision but all the senses including the smell. In one case Connie predicted the 2008 Utah Crandall Canyon Mine disaster[v] two days before it occurred, she saw six miners still alive but that they ended up dying as it was too dangerous to send a rescue team. In 2011 she saw the Tōhoku earthquake that caused the tsunami and nuclear disaster, telling everyone beforehand and recording it in her journal. Then there were the two Chinese high-speed trains that crashed on 23 July 2011. They were travelling on the Yongtaiwen railway line before colliding on a viaduct in the suburbs of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China.  40 people were killed and at least 192 were injured. The Chinese covered up the disaster by hastily concluding rescue operations and ordering the burial of the derailed cars. Connie, however, had seen it all. She had recorded the crash into the log. She could see “mountains in the background, and two train tracks, but the crash was on the one closer to me” along with her impressions of the smell of blood. She described it as “disgusting and awful.”
Connie's Vision of the China Train Accident

From what she was reporting to an engineer in NASA she was scoring 90% accuracy.



Then there is the medical doctor from Mexico who has had the dreams of ways to deal with viruses. His story began with dramatic daylight UFO encounter where he and others watched little objects coming out of the saucer. The event was of a very long duration. He also recalls encounters with beings. I recall in the one conversation I had with him that he had glimpsed the future. I contacted his daughter, also a doctor who confirmed three stories. Here are two;
Ricardo Caputo
When my parents just had me, my dad and mom went to Guadalajara, Mexico to live and my dad would do his specialty in clinical pathology, I was a baby so they left me in the care of my grandma. They rented a place, and got the house ready for a baby... the man who finally rented them a house, his name was Ricardo Caputo[i]. At that time  this man wasn’t known, my dad turned to my mom the same day they met him, and told my mom " he is going to come here while I am gone, don’t you ever open the door for him" and my mom said ok....
 funny enough my dad was at work, and the guy comes to the house, and my mom doesn’t open the door, the guy kept insisting I think for like 30 minutes, he insisted in going inside, and my mom kept saying no, until she said she had no key... he left... then 10 years later we saw him in a TV program, he gave himself up, he was in the most wanted FBI lists for a few years, his nickname "the lady's killer." My mom could have died that day... and funny thing, my grandma saw a woman in the house that sat next to her while she was asleep...  (the house he rented my parents)
 Another story is, when we were living in Israel, one night he came all sweaty and disoriented and sat on the computer, and I woke up when he turned the computer on, and I said... "What are you doing?" and he said “I was dreaming of a big fire, lots of people shouting " and he logged into the news, and there it was...happening...a fire I think in New York or L.A....”
Finally there is the story that seems to have been told by more than one UFO experiencer – a prediction of the 911 event in New York.
One of the people who had such a vision was Mary, who works for the province of Ontario Child and Family Services. Her vision was part of a whole lifetime of paranormal experiences. It came over a year before her UFO awakening experience where it became evident that the experiences had a UFO connection.
Mary’s job involved her travelling from town to town. Many of these trips occurred on small two lane roads that travel in the middle of what is a lot of bush and rock and almost no people. On the night in question, January 7, 2003 Mary had a co-worker in the front seat and a 12-year old girl in the backseat.
The event was terrifying. An object was in the bush pacing the car on the right side. Then after the lady driving insisted it had to be a train or radio towers, it suddenly moved to the other side. Then it was in behind the car.
Mary and her husband Derwood
Her vision of 911 took place the day before the 2001 event. Mary was 22 at the time, and the precognition came in a dream. She was at the Sandy Lake First Nations reserve where she grew up, and she was flying in a plane. An important point to this story is that Mary, raised on a small reserve in a remote part of Canada did not even know that the World Trade Center towers even existed.
The plane was flying around two metal telecommunications towers on the edge of town. As she flew around the towers she could see that they were on fire near the bottom and that people were climbing up the tower to get away from the heat and flames.
It was a terrifying experience and Mary woke in a sweat with her heart beating loudly. Just as she was making sense of what had occurred she was suddenly back asleep and back in the plane flying around the two towers. As the panic and screaming continued Mary could now see people jumping from the tops of the towers.
When she awoke the next morning she could clearly remember the dream. Hours later she was told what had occurred and watched on TV as the two buildings she had never seen collapsed.
What makes Mary’s story even weirder is that her now husband, Derwood, also had a 911 dream a week before the event. Mary and Derwood would not start dating until two years after the 911 disaster. Like Mary he had a background of UFO sightings and flying dreams. He recalls his first clear UFO experience at five in 1975 with his father and brothers in Sherridon, Manitoba. His father had seen the object and called the boys out. They watched as a triangle flew over them.
Derwood’s experience was also a dream where he and his son were on top of one of the World Trade Center buildings. There was fire below. He estimated that his son was about 19. The odd part of this is that he was only 31 at the time had no 19 year old son when the incident took place. 
Derwood could see the Hudson River, and he was hoping that the building would fall on an angle towards the Hudson so he would have a chance to survive with the water, but it was not to be.
Suddenly the building started to drop below he and his son. It was strangely quiet and peaceful. He woke up.
Mary is not unique. Other experiencers claim to have seen the 911 disaster before it happened. Dr. Suzanne Gordon, for example, had her vision in 1968 and like Mary it involved a terrifying dream where she would awaken from it and then be back asleep where the scene would continue.
I was in it. I experienced being in it in 1968…I wrote it up and mimeographed it. I was in what I thought was the United Nations building, and I think it was. This was before the twin towers were built.(started in 1966 and finished in June 1971) I kept waking up between the installments, bathed in sweat, terrified, heart beating, and then bam I would be right back in the next installment of this experience. I assumed I was on the ground floor looking out over the Hudson River. I hadn’t even been to New York at that time yet…the radio is on and the radio announcer says “And it’s coming for the tower.” It was already in the thick of the disaster that was happening in 1968. ‘The plane is heading for the tower.
There was what I called an old negro lady, because I had never seen an Arab lady in a head scarf begins crying, and I put my arms around her which was not me in 1968.  I was still being cool, not running around hugging strange ladies. I said, “No it’s not going to hit this building. It’s not going to hit this building.”
Then the voice on the radio said, “It’s not going to hit the tower”, and the plane nose-dived into the Hudson River.[ii]
Benjamin Black is another abductee who remembers his encounter with a cloaked alien and being shown the World Trade Center disaster just before it happened.[iii]
These abductees have somehow learned or have been given the ability to see events on a future timeline by the aliens. The analogy would be a group of people being given a brief course on magnetism a few years before William Gilbert published his treatise De magnete, Magneticisique Corporibus (On the Magnet) in 1600, and first used the word "electrica”.

The abductees have simply been given a glimpse into the future understanding behind time, space and consciousness. It is not magic. It is just something we haven’t discovered yet, but we are getting close.
There are other people after all who had dreams related to the September 11 tragedy who were able like the abductee to see parts of the story. There was Becky from North Carolina who went to see a psychologist over a sudden fear of flying after buying tickets a September 11, 2001 flight for her family to visit Disneyland. One September 4th one week before the terrorist attack he had a dream where she hear the name Rooks or Horooks and a man repeating the number 2830 over and over again. She woke her husband up, told him, wrote the name and number down and proceeded to cancel the trip to her family’s dismay. When all was said and done her flight would never have taken off as everything was grounded, the pilot whose plane was flown into the South tower was Michael Horrocks, and nine months later the Emergency Management Organization announced 2830 people had been killed in the attack.[iv]
Becky was not alone. Richard Wilkerson in an October 2001 paper dealing with nightmares and precognitive dreams about the 911 attack called “Dreams about the terrorist attacks on NY and DC.”[v]
Then there is the university research that is trying to figure out how it works. In September of 2001 the 40 hardware random number generators (RNG) set up by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) had been set up to uninterruptedly record and analyze white noise looking for signs of organization and nonrandomness. They had found that the RNG seemed to be influenced by human consciousness to bring about a less-than-random sequence of data.


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