Friday, November 1, 2013

The Mysterious Holographic PowerPoint Slide

"When many first began modeling the universe around him, paranormal functioning  was gracefully accepted as one of the phenomena to be accounted for, and therefore occupied an important place in religion and philosophy. However, as models of the universe were built to explain certain mechanical aspects of our environment, the phenomenon of paranormal functioning was found difficult to assimilate into the mainstream exploration." Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff
On Thursday evenings when I am not on the road, and when there are no other things that get in the way, I attention a meditation group at The Sanctuary here in Winnipeg.

When the meditation is over there is a sharing for people who received a message or had some experience they would like to share. I always sit quietly and listen, because nothing ever happens for me. This is not a surprise. I have mentioned many times, that although I had a number of UFO sightings in 1975 and 1976, I have received no messages, seen no visions, and have had no communication with angels or dead people. It has been a quiet life.

That is till tonight, when there was no sharing session for me to tell my tale.

It all started prior to the meditation when Hollie, one of the keepers at the Sanctuary, started around the circle with a silver tray with pictures upside down on it. Each person was taking one. This was totally out of character with what usually happens.

When it came my turn I made my carefully choice like some people do before they pick their numbers for the big lottery. I picked from the bottom.

I turned my picture over and found a picture of a crop circle. This was a weird situation. I had just listened to an interview on my MP3 player with Patti Greer earlier in the afternoon while having coffee at a local mall. Greer was a former musician who had gotten into the crop circle research game a few years earlier, and who had gone on to make a number of crop circle documentaries. Some of these films had won awards at UFO Congress which is the biggest UFO conference in North America held in Phoenix Arizona every February.

The fact that the meditation group was suddenly taking time to look at crop circle pictures was weird but it actually gets weirder. Only 24 hours earlier I had begun to set up an interview with researcher Colin Andrews who in 1983 actually coined the term “crop circle.” I thought “this timing is weird” as I sat looking at the picture of the crop circle. We broke into circles of three to discuss our impressions. I immediately told my two partners I am about to interview the guy who started crop circle research. If you have a question I can pass it on.

Colin Andrews has just written a book with his wife called “On the Edge of Reality.” I was lucky enough to make a comment on the book which appeared on the back cover. The book talks about his career looking at crop circles but it more centered on the things that Andrews discovered come along with the crop circles described on the cover as “hidden technologies, powers of the mind, quantum physics, paranormal phenomena. Orbs, and harmonic transmissions.”

Andrews had spent 30 years working on the crop circle mystery but ended up studying consciousness and the true nature of reality in the universe. In a recent interview he stated that he felt that he had been given a mission, and that he like many other researchers was a piece on a chess board, as some unseen mind moved the pieces around to some ultimate conclusion.

I too firmly am driven by some sort of feeling of mission, and Colin Andrews played a big part in that. I like Andrews feel like I am being moved around like a chess piece, and that someone very powerful and knowing is in control of the game.

There have been a number of times when I got moved on the chess board, and I have always intuitively known every time it happened. Here’s the biggest move I made and how Andrews played his role.

It was February 26, 2012 and Andrews was lecturing at the International UFO Congress in Arizona. The topic of his presentation was Consciousness Circles.

The general rule at Congress is that people don’t attend every lecture and every screening of a new film, or every experiencer session. The conference goes from 8am to 8 or 9pm for five days, so from time to time people including myself will take a break.

Andrews lecture was one that I thought about skipping. I had no research interest in crop circles and I was getting lectured out. In the end I had nothing else to do and I Andrews was the authority on crop circles. I decided to attend. My life was about to change, or as Andrews might imply I was about to be moved on the big chess board by the unseeing hand behind the UFO phenomena.

It was during that lecture that I had a Samadhi experience. It happened in a single moment. I suddenly realized that I had been off-base chasing UFO sighting, the President of the United States, and other high level government and intelligence officials. It was absolutely apparent that the answer I had sought for decades would be found in understanding consciousness and thereby ultimate reality.

In the months since Andrews lectured I have been on a mission. I have worked hard to uncover all the consciousness implications related to UFOs, and the answers have flowed. I have worked on 5 generations of lectures on the relationship of consciousness to UFOs.

Materialistic Universe Made up of Independent Particles
It was only hours before I turned over the crop  circle picture that I was putting in a final slide into the consciousness presentation that I will be giving in New Jersey and Colorado.  I was attempting to use the PowerPoint Smart Art program to illustrate the theory of the holographic universe which is supported by many in the UFO research community. In this model of the universe all the parts (everything that makes up the universe) are part of a whole, and all information of the whole is contained within each part. All particles in a holographic universe are in theory connected through entanglement.

This is opposed to the predominate model of the universe supported by over 90% of the National Academy of Sciences that the universe emerged mysteriously from a singularity 14 billion years ago. In this model, there is no whole and nothing directing the evolution of the universe. The universe is  physical and the parts that make up the universe are independent, simply moving around randomly in space. The Universe we observe is a result of many billions of years of accidental collisions, and humans are biological robots.

It is this theory of universe’s origin that Terrance McKenna called the limit case for credulity in the universe: if you can believe that all matter, energy, and laws of the universe emerged in an instant from nothing and for no particular reason then you can believe anything.

In trying to create the holographic universe model slide I was using a PowerPoint application called SMART Art Graphics which is designed to create graphic which can communicate information. Not being creative or technologically inclined I was having problems getting the program to communicate what I wanted – a graphic showing that all the parts are connected to a whole.

I had drawn one bigger circle in the middle with smaller five circles around it. I had decided to add some even smaller circles outside and then draw lines from the small circles to the big circles and then lines to the central circle. I had put in the first second level of circles when I realized that I did not know how to get the program to draw lines connecting all the circles showing the interconnectedness. After a couple of minutes of playing I gave up and deleted the slide. I thought I might actually have to draw it by hand which would not look very professional.

2012 Crop Circle telling the story of the Holographic Universe 
So it was that only hours later I pulled by upside down crop circle picture from about 50 on the tray. The crop circle I picked was exactly what I had tried to draw with Smart Art Graphics. It was a 2012 crop circle from near Silbury Hill in the United Kingdom. It was a crop circle in wheat with a larger inner circle surrounded by five small circles and five smaller circles outside of those circles. Each circle was connected with the line I had tried to recreate on the computer without success.

Needless to say I was stunned. I had my graphic of the holographic universe.




  1. As a holistic journalist, I had the opportunity of meeting Colin Andrews at the Parapsychology Conferences held at West Georgia college in 1984. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that ET's are communicating with us through crop circles and other forms of psychic and intuitive communications. Not wanting to expose the false paradigm they have perpetuated, the government and the Global Elite make sure they keep this information about life on other planes from the public at large. It's important for as many people as possible to be educated as to the realities of our existence and the Sacred Geometry that rules our galaxy and the earth itself.

  2. Grant, The Sanctuary delivers many magical moments I've discovered. It's a gem and one of the conscious hubs that connects all that attend. I applaud your life long efforts in exploring, introducing your discoveries to others and enhancing one of the most interesting topics I've ever been introduced to. Consciousness, what it's all about. Wonderful and amazing, all in one . All the best. Mark

  3. Really it's very serious concern and I am very socked it going on very long but we have no answer, who is creating these crop signs.. WWICS Group