Saturday, January 28, 2012

SEAL Team Six and the Death of Disclosure?

I was sitting the other morning at the coffee bar in McDonald’s drinking my coffee and checking out my stocks on the internet. Sitting beside me was a woman who was at least 90 years old if she was a day. She was busy doing a crossword puzzle and talking to another younger woman who was on the other side of the bar.

As they were talking she suddenly changed the subject saying, “Obama got a coup. The SEAL Team Six got them.” Then the conversation went back to buying stuff at an upcoming sale from a fabric store.

What struck me as significant is that this elderly woman living in Canada was fully aware of the SEAL Team Six raid that rescued two hostages from pirates holding two hostages in Somalia. It was not as big a news item as the SEAL Team Six raid that killed Osama Bin Laden but most people here were aware of it.

Perhaps more important than the fact the elderly lady mentioned it was the fact that she framed the whole event as a victory for Obama and the U.S. military. Here in Canada where war and the U.S. military aren’t held high, this woman had bought positive message and was spreading the news of victory.

The elderly lady was right. The SEAL Team hostage rescue was indeed a coup for Obama who was viewed as weak on defense prior to becoming President. It had been his second military victory after killing Bin Laden a few months back. For the UFO community, hoping for openness on the UFO story, however, the SEAL Team’s two recent successes present an ominous sign.

Reading the articles on the Somali raid it became apparent that military experts seemed to conclude that this type of special forces warfare as the way of the future, rather than prolonged occupations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan were victory never seems to come and occupying U.S. troops become practice targets for angry locals, or targets for young and angry youth willing to carry a suicide bomb for the cause.

The new hit and run military strategy also is cheaper and appears to provide more bang for the buck in a time of reduced government budgets.

Where this new styled war against terrorism seems most threatening to hopes for UFO disclosure or discussion is that the key to the successful SEAL Team Six raids is that the events occurred in complete secrecy. This makes continuing the secrecy an easy sell to the the President and the American public.

UFO Disclosure relies on the principles of openness in government, either through a Christian perspective that “you shall know the truth and it shall set you free” or a liberation principle that “sunshine is the best disinfectant.”

The new SEAL Team Six approach to the problem, however, is based on the principle is that the “ends justify the means.” In the war on terrorism and enemies of the United States there are no longer any rules. This is exemplified by the recent U.S. military killing of two Americans in the Middle East by planned Predator drone attacks.[1] In the 1970s, there were investigations by the Church committee about the attempted assassinations of Castro and other foreign leaders. The practice was made illegal as it went against basis American principles. Now Obama calls in the legal counsel and they advise that in the war on terrorism where terrorists will not follow basic rules of battle, everything is now fair game.

The success of the new approach and the political success it has brought to its main supporter-the President- indicate that it will not be changed anytime soon.

Now enemies who chose to attack America will suffer from UFO abductee syndrome – you know SEAL Team Six is coming – you just don’t know when or where. Those that await the next SEAL raid know that like an abductee there is not much they can do to stop it.  It is this fear that every abductee knows that has led the Somali pirates, who are still holding one American, to reportedly move their remaining hostage three times in the day following the SEAL Team attack.

The UFO Disclosure Dilemma

As mentioned above the main problem for the UFO crowd is that secrecy was a key component of the SEAL Team success. The secrecy in turn leads to overwhelming support for such operations by the American public.

The basic Disclosure argument is that openness is best for society no matter what the reality of the UFO phenomena might be. Unless I am missing something that argument of openness brings success seems to be dead for the foreseeable future.

That is because secrecy appears to be an unchallenged part of the future war against terrorism. Secrecy protects the weapons, techniques, and the elite warriors. As one Pentagon official put it secrecy gives the“ SEALs and other special operations forces an edge against the terrorists, criminals and others they are ordered to kill or capture around the world under hazardous and often hostile conditions.”

I wrote an article years back detailing the main reasons that the government might be covering up the UFO story for reasons that they thought were legitimate and necessary.[2] One of the key reasons is that right from 1947 on UFOs were identified as advanced weapons technology and this necessitated that it be classified. Weapons secrets have always been the highest classified secrets held by the government, such as nuclear weapons secrets that are “born secret” and will never see the light of day.

Secrecy and advanced weapons win wars so openness loses. This point was exemplified by Dr. Eric Walker, the former Chairman of the Institute for Defense Analysis, who was believed to have known the inner workings of why UFOs were covered up. Challenged by one researcher to explain what had happened for history Walker shot back, “Why should we change the rules to satisfy your curiosity?”

In recent years there have been claims inside the UFO community that the group that holds the UFO secrets is divided between those who want the secret kept and those who want the UFO secrets released to the public. As the rumored story goes the proponents of openness were gaining support. The recent raids by the Navy SEALs have provided ammunition for the proponents for continued UFO secrecy.

Like it or not, the advocates for secrecy have had a couple good days in the last couple of months.

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